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n (smir + comairt). Used like smirammair, q.v. Lit. marrow-mash, a mixture or extract of pounded marrow : dorochair icc Smiramair .i. . . . in smircomairt, RC xxiii 325.8 . dorigne s.¤ di chnāmaib ina cethra, TBC² 2869 . smioramair et smiorcomairt, TBC p. 631 n. 6 . co raibhi ic ól na smiorco- mairti uime, ib. n. 7 . lasodain rāithigestair in smirc[h]omairt. Adfes dō ba do chnāmaib bō nUlad dognīth. Is iarum dognīsom in smirc[h]omairt naile ina farrad (of the slaying of warriors), TBC² 2943 - 5 .