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Forms: nand, nandat, nand(-at), nad(-at)

v also nand (Sg.), nant (Ml.), neg. form of 3 s. pres. ind. of cop. used in O.Ir. in subord. clauses, forming pl. nandat. Acc. to Pedersen Vgl. Gr. ii 222 - 223 nand(-at) = nad(-at) with infixed rel. n, which in other cases follows the d; see Wb. 10b26 below.


(a) in subord. noun-clause: doadbadar nan etrantach á irnigde som that his prayer is not intermittent, Wb. 23a13 . asbeir . . . as mug et nan coimdiu that he is a servant and that he is not a lord, 17a12 , cf. 12d28 . is follus . . . nand ainmm . . . legas do lechdagaib, Sg. 5a10 . (scientiam habemus) .i. nant ní ídol et nád n-escona ní that an idol is naught and that it makes nothing unclean, Wb. 10b26 , cf. Ml. 36a14 . asrubartatar nant he macc Dae, Ml. 24d4 , cf. 21d4 . nánt laigiu trebaire isind aes brigg that prudence is not less, Laon Glosses 3 ( RC xxix 269 ).

(b) in sent. introduced by rel. adv. like hóre, etc.: huare nand neutur because it is not neuter, Sg. 64a11 . is bec nand sinunn a ndéde n-ísiu these two are nearly the same, 76a3 . in chruth nand rann insce as it is not a part of speech, 221b7 . cruth nandat chomsuidigthi, 201b12 . hóre nandat filii , Wb. 4c8 . Cf. Ml. 18b3 .


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Forms: nán, nai-nán

adj. small, dwarfish? nan .i. bec, ut dicitur nanus .i. abac no lucharban, O'Mulc. 828 ; a deriv. of Lat. nānus? nán `small, a dwarf', Dinneen . nai-nán `a dwarf ', O'R. (cf. 1 noe).

? náne, nán

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Forms: ainé, náire

n Rúanaid atberthe cosse | frisseom ar met a náne `from the greatness of his splendour', ZCP iii 204.12 (given by Stokes as reading of LL; the facs. has: a áne, LL 276b34 ) = ainé Eg., náire LU (see citation under náire). Cf. nán (m.), náin (f.) ` luck, fortune ', O'R. Poems