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ainetta(i)l impure, sinful
airchel(l)tae rescued, saved
al(l)e from here
al(l)éra come up, come hither
anná(i)l 1 annal, record 2 anniversary (in computing a date)
anṡáda(i)l unsettled, unsteady, uncomfortable
at-bail(l) Dies; vanishes, perishes, disappears; In legal sense lapses, is forfeit; dies
aurchail(l) prohibition, injunction
belletus, bil(l)etus `destruction of every- thing' (Thurneysen) one of seven wrongs committed by a wife which justify a husband's separation from her
Bel(l)taine time of the beginning of summer; May; first of May; `May- day',
crapail(l)te bound, fettered
crosḟigel(l) cross-vigil; position of body with arms outstretched in imitation of cross, prayer(s) offered in this position; act of praying, keeping vigil; crucifix
cubuc(h)a(i)l cubicle, small bedchamber; cell (of a monastery, etc.)
cuil(l)esg nag, jade
cútha(i)l feeble, shy, subdued
del(l)rad sheen, brilliance, lustre; Of the glare of snow
del(l)radach brilliant, resplendent
dígal(l)rae absence of sickness; In wider sense immunity (?)
dimba(i)l waste, extravagance
do-aircheil, do-airchel(l)a 1 Hides, withdraws, takes away 2 encompasses, comprises, includes, contains; Goes round, makes a circuit of; hems in, confines, hence transf. keeps in check, restrains, guards
dreol(l)án wren; a grasshopper
duibel(l) sudden, quick, nimble
éilned, éil(l)ed pollution, corruption, defilement; Corrupting, rotting, decaying
Etáil(l)is the Italian language
etel(l) Flying, fluttering; flight; Of a streaming banner
1 etel(l)ach that flies, flying
2 etel(l)ach flying, fluttering; flight; Of banners
etel(l)aigid(ir) flies
etil(l)id flies
figel(l) A vigil; a (nocturnal ?) religious observance; exemption from vigils; fast-days
forgell, forgal(l) 1 bearing witness, testifying; testimony, attestation, affirmation 2in wider sense a statement, pronouncement, esp. an authoritative one, passing into sense of command, authority; testimony; accusation
il(l)rad 1 abundance; Divers 2In gramm., plural number
indil(l)tech given to making plots
indil(l)teóir plotter, deceiver
1 Iú(i)l 1 Julius 2 July
L the second letter of the Ogam alphabet, in Irish called luis
1 luis 1name of a tree, `quicken-tree, rowan-tree'2Name of letter l in Ogam alphabet
merbal(l) 1 wandering, going astray 2 mistake, error; mental confusion, aberration; without mistake, truly; erroneous
mital(l) metal; Material (for masonry; Temper, mettle
nél(l)adóir a cloud-diviner (? astrologer); a prognosticator, astrologer
nél(l)adóirecht cloud-divination, nephelomancy
nél(l)fartach slumbering, dozing
réil(l) 1of sight clearly visible; audible 2 clear, intelligible 3 bright, clear, lustrous; clear, piercing; Clear, void of offence
scafal(l) scaffold, stage, platform
scól(l)aid scalds, sears, burns, torments
screpul(l), scripul(l) 1in Laws a unit of value, ⅟24 of an ounce or milch cow and equal to 3 pinginn2 fee, contribution, tribute, cess 3 piece, morsel
sercol(l) a delicacy
síbal(l) a clasp, buckle, pin
1 sról(l) 1Of banners, standards; banner, battle- standard 2 image of a hound worked in satin; banner, standard; satin cloth; weaving in satin
sról(l)dae, sróldaide made of satin or silk
súail(l) 1 almost, nearly; hardly, scarcely 2 almost, nearly
taistel(l)ach given to travelling, marching; traveller, wayfarer; marcher, attacker (?); rover; courier, messenger; runner
túaichel(l) Clever, cunning, astute, wise, prudent (possibly in some exx. pregnant; wanton, lascivious (?); frisking and skipping
úachal(l), úachell terrible, horrible, frightful, whimsical, fantastical, fanciful
ul(l)tach belonging to the Ulaid; one of the Ulaid; a Ulidian, an Ultonian
ul(l)tachda resembling a Ulidian, an Ultonian