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Forms: faoillech, faoillidh, Faílech, Ḟaíligh

n o, m. the end of winter, the early part of February: faoillech and faoillidh `the old name of the Calends of February and of 15 days after; it is often taken for the entire month. It is a corruption of fuidhle i.e. the ... remains or relics of the year' P. O'C. Faílech (fáeilleach, fáoilleach v.l.) IGT, Decl. § 22 . is do doratad ... inna sméra sind fulliuch, LU 9725 (leg. fúlliuch or fuíliuch ? But see fuidlech). g s. sméra in Ḟaíligh (: sgaílidh), IGT, Decl. ex. 804 . re headh an Ḟaíligh (ḟáoilligh v.l.), ex. 810 . a bhláth an ḟaoiligh (of Christ), A. Ó Dálaigh xvi 2 . teasbach faoilligh `warmth of the early spring' TD 29.30 .