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Last Revised: 2013


Forms: di-coissin, dochuisneat

also di-coissin. See GOI § 782 . Impers. vb. used in rel. construction as vb. of existence there is, there are . In Laws glossed by dígsigidir and tairissidir: as la dia cech rann neirt duchoissin that there is, Ml. 108c14 . arnab uilib cumactib dichoissin i nim et talam, Wb. 21a13 . cach genitiu dochoisin every genitive that there is, Sg. 209b29 . is forcitul donaibh uiliph duiniph in domain dochoisin ann, Hib. Min. 95 . cis lir baird docuissin how many bards are there?, IT iii 5 . cis lir innsci dochuisin la Feni? how many genders are there in Irish?, Auraic. 520 . in t-uili gne feminda dachuisin dar beolo duini, 1910 . it cetheora eirca docuisin di seota there are four `eric' fines, Laws i 258.25 . cis lir lanamna docuisin la feine?, ii 344.1 .i. discnaithir no tairister, 356.13 Comm. cis lir chuir dochuisin? how many kinds of contract are there?, iii 4.5 . do thustin nime ┐ talman cosnaib hī docuissin indib, Ériu ii 102 § 11 . gach míl dochuisin fó greín, iv 236 § 11 . rom-shoérae, a Íssu . . . ar cech ulc dochuissin, Fél. Ep. 443 . gach diamair dhana . . . ┐ gach leire leighis docuisin as ó Th. De D. atá a bunadh, Leb. Gab.(i) 172.11 .

With inf. pron. expressing virtual subj.: amal doncoisin as we are, Wb. 17b10 . at úara dotachuisin | ar bru tobair ghlais it is cold they are, BS 88.1 . pass. feb do-da-cuisnither as they happen to be, O'Curry 2006 ( H 4.22 32 ).

In non-rel. construction: dichussin cetheorai deisi do flaithib there are four `deis' rights of chiefs, Laws iv 320.14 ( Críth G. 321 ). With 3 pl. ending: secht n-eatargaire dochuisneat there are seven inflexions, Auraic. 639 . ite teora fuirbhthe dochuisnet .i. arnin ┐ dinin disail ┐ forsail there are three accents, 1545 .

See díchsnigidir.