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bág 1 boast, threat, promise, undertaking, declaration; boasting 2 fight, contest, striving; act of contending, etc.; defending (?); day of battle; a day's fighting 3 warlike qualities (?), boldness
baga bag
1 bolg 1 bag , satchel; sack; provision-sacks; foundling; quiver 2 belly, stomach; middle, centre 3(smith's) bellows; Of musical instruments; bagpipes
bolgán belly, midriff; middle, centre; bag; midriff
cilfing bag , sack
clera wallet, bag
corrbolg name of a kind of bag; crane-bag
criōl bag , receptacle, casket
crott harp, lyre; hunch, hump; harp-bag; hard-fingered
1 fás 1 uninhabited; Barren, sterile 2 empty, vain, futile; invalid
ferbolg lit. `man-bag ' a bag; satchel, or pouch (for chess-men?); Of a physician's bag; A sheath?
1 glas 1a lock, a fetter, a clasp, a bolt; Of the fastening or fetter of a yoke; Of the clasp of a `ferbolc' or bag for chessmen 2 winding up, conclusion 3 ransom, price of freedom; a fetter
íadach a wallet, a bag (in which women kept their jewellery, etc.), `a work-bag '
1 iris a thong or strap (from which a shield, bag , etc. is suspended)
2 lés bag , bladder; Of the human bladder
linchor, lingar medicine-bag
máilín a little bag
mála a bag
menbolg a bag , pouch; part of a soldier's equip- ment; Perh. a meal-bag for carrying provision
míach a measure of capacity; bushel; sack; a bag containing a m.; a vessel containing a m.
3 mid 1 middling, partially; half-full; swelling (?); middle- broad; Name of Finn's drinking-cup 2 mid-; middle age; middle bag ', belly; a central glen or valley, a depression; space between the shoulders; midday; middle, centre; midnight; nocturn; mid-side, mid-beam; Of seat running along one side of a room
mil Honey; honey-comb; honey-mouth; honey-bag; sweet-worded; a sweet tongue, persuasive eloquence
muir 1 sea-beach, coast (? sea-dyke)?; a sea bag ', inlet of the sea; a cormorant; a sea-judgement; (in pl.), mari- time law; sea-bond; transf. of a chieftain a sea-compeller, sea-ruler?; a sea-fleet; a naval expedition; in fleets; castaway, shipwrecked person; a sea-fight; a naval expedition or hosting; a sea-raven; sea-faring (? coast- ing); an inlet of the sea.; a sea-spear, harpoon; sea-sickness; a sea-lunatic'; a sea-fugitive or wanderer, term applied to the mermaid Lí Ban; sea-sorcery, sea- magic; sea- fish; a sea-island; full tide; sea-pool; a lagoon, salt-marsh; sea reeds, sedge; a sea-plain, salt marsh (?); a sea animal, fish; rough sea; unnavigable seas; a viscid sea; sea-produce; sea- strand; strand, beach; sea-monsterful 2 sea-raven; sea-dog
pellec a skin bag or basket; a skin, hide, . . .pelt
penbolc a cloak; `pen-bag ', writing-case
pes a bag , purse; some article proper to spinning-women, a bag for holding wool; a cut- purse; a pickpocket
píanán bag, sack
piseacla (alms) bag (?)
scripa scrip, bag
tíagán little bag
tíagánach one bearing a little bag
ustud-bolg treasure-bag