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B birch
beithe 1 birch-tree, birch-wood 2the letter b; the letter p
comarb(b)acht state of being a comarbbae, coarbship
comarb(b)ae heir, successor
comchirr(b)aid hacks, hews down
1 ferb(b) 1a cow (poetic word) 2a female deer, a hind
oib(b)ne suddenness
orb(b) 1 patrimony, landed estate 2an heir, scion
orb(b)a A patrimony, heritage (of land), real estate; home, native territory
*orb(b)am an heir
úaignech, uaingech 1 lonely, solitary, unfrequented (of places); Of dwelling-places; Some- times seems to mean private, separate:; So (of a bed); Hence quiet, tranquil: 2( b ) Of persons lonely, reserved (in disposition); Rare, unusual 34Of sins secret 5Of thoughts secret, private 6of a tale, knowledge, etc. exceptional, rare, strange 7 mysterious, remote: (of planets)8