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Forms: athgabál

v (*ath-gab-). gets back, recovers, takes back: atabgabed far caire gl. et reprehendentes uosmet ipsos aculeum uobis `let your reproach seize you', Ml. 20d11 . ar mad andess dobhí aurthuili a ḟlatho ni aithgebaid act bethi mogaid do, Anecd. iii 59.15 . (`you shall not recover anything but you shall be slaves to him', Hull, Publ. of the Mod. Lang. Assoc. lxii 897 and ZCP xxvii 68 ). cid ar a neipinar athgabail? . . . Ar indi adgaibter trebaire iar n-etrebaire, ar ni athgebad nach trebair a chennadaich ar trebairi . . ., Laws i 254.5 . is úad ad gēbthar Hēriu co bráth Ireland will be inherited from him, ZCP xi 87 § 52 . nír atgab . . . / talam `had not received him', Fél. Prol. 107 . lasin rig atagab ar coimet .i. Dia, Fél.² xxxi gl. 26(1) . do hathghabhadh í orthaibh `it was reconquered in despite of them', TD 17.9 . Note also: an luib ceadna do bhriseadh ┐ a cur ar ghreim na gcon gconfaidh, ┐ fóiridh a nimh ┐ ni athghabhann arís (the poison) does not have any further effect(?), 23 K 42. 437.12 . In sense of goes, comes(?) (see gaibid): cid adgaibsid iarom ol si. ni handsa ol se di themi maro what way did you take again(?), LU 10245 = atgaibsid, ZCP iii 234.4 . Obscure: ba hé tress rí adgeb (in stain, resembling adgeb- Facs.) guin, LL 19465 = ba he treisi do gellguin, BB 264b42 ( SG 335.14 ).

Vn. athgabál.