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3 muirech

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Forms: m., muirech, muireach

adj o, ā (muir) belonging to the sea, marine . Muileach is Íleach araon | tíreach muirech an macaomh at home both on land and sea, IGT Dec. ex. 1169.

? a hinsib Mod muirech `from the sea-girt isles of Mod', Metr. Dinds. iii 408.5 ; in the notes and glossary m.¤ is explained as g s. of muir; but if Mod be orig. a g p. as there suggested, muirech may be an adj. in agreement. muireach `a sailor, mariner ', O'R. Poems Cf. also n p. mairig, LL 29 (plan of Tech Midchuarta) and the v.l. in the citation from Ériu ix 49.8 given under muiride.