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2 feith

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as npr. m. (alleg.) : F.¤ ┐ Rosg ┐ Radharc a tri dearcaire (of the Tuatha D.D.) BB 35a11 (a vb. ?). Cf. cain feith a roscc rochain ina chind FB 24 Eg. (= caín feid a rosc rochéim inna chend siar LU). In ni feith mo rosc ran intiudh ib. 47 (= nis feid mo rosc rán indiut LU) the word seems to be a vb. Cf. fethid.

2 féith

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Forms: fēthe, féith, feith

n f. (same word as preceding ?) some kind of twining plant (with tough or woody stem) : mar nasces f.¤ fidu TBC 3791 , 6054 . ro timchell [in fénnidh] cath na Columan amail timc[h]illes féth fidh, Fianaig. 94.21 . rustimchill amail timchillis feith fidu, TTebe 2525 . do timchill Eochaid eisum amal timceallus feigh figh RC xxxix 18.11 . g s. for- dorus fēthe `a lintel of honeysuckle' King and Hermit § 9 . (Fig.) am f.¤ fromtha `a withe well-proved' (a sinew ?) Met. Dinds. iii 234.9 . féith `a small twig or wicker ' P. O'C. feith woodbine, honeysuckle Hog., Luibhleabhrán.