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? 1 nena

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n g s. in the expression: réim nena (? n-ena), occurring in law tracts: reim nena rl. In deoraid De ma dorinde tri ferta faillsighi ag tiachtain dochum thire i fiadnaise righ ┐ tuaithi, is saíre dō cona sedaib ┐ a bairc ┐ mana derna act aen no dedhe dib is saire dó cona sedaib ┐ comroind bairci dligthighi fora bairc ┐ amhail chleirech he fein a nEirinn im besgna ris, H. 3.18 p. 436b ( O'C. 1047 - 8 ). A similar gloss on rēm nena occurs in H. 5.15 p. 8b ( O'Don. 1591 ) which adds: cin co derna fert itir, masa cindti conid deoraidh Dé cena, no saerand cona crud ┐ comraind bairce. Cf. Laws v 16.11 fg. These passages seem to allude to some procedure by which a `deoraid Dé' landing in a stranger territory could attest the genuineness of his profession and thus secure his vessel and goods from confiscation. Possibly réim n.¤ = course over the wave (see 3 nin) or over water, if the true form be r. n-ena; cf. comul n-ena `meeting-place of waters', Met. Dinds. iii 142.3 .