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1 fúait

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n a remnant, remainder (?) : sméroit .i. smēr tine ┐ fuait fuigell .i. fuigell teine LB Corm., Thr. Ir. Gl. 40 = Corm. Y 1136 = smerḟuaitt .i. smér .i. tene ┐ fúde .i. fuidell, Bodl. smer .i. tine, ut est smer-fuait .i. fuidell tined, O'Mulc. 846 . fuaid fuighell, Metr. Gl. Eg. 3 . Cf. báird is bacaigh ... is fuaidbhoicht the utterly indigent Keat. Poems 1414 (by editor doubtfully referred to above word). See 1 fúat, end of art.