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ad-cuimben strikes, cuts, wounds , lacerates
ad-goin wounds again
2 airlech act of hewing down (in battle, etc.), slaughter; wounds (?); Of slaughtering cattle
benaid 1 beats, strikes; casts (a shadow); reaches; Of hand-clappers, bells strikes, rings; Strikes (fire), lights; hews, cuts down, off; slays; wounds; Of crops cuts, reaps; gathers: (of Adam); (of turf-cutting); incises, engraves; (of drawing Ogam charac- ters); takes (away), carries off:; Of tax, tribute, etc. exacts, levies 2 takes from; (of a rescue from a castle); levies toll on; takes from; Of covering, clothing, etc.; lit. rings (a bell) against, hence excommunicates; touches, affects; is concerned with, meddles with; forms, derives from (gramm.)
béo 1(i) as attrib. living, quick; (ii) as predic. adj. alive; Of fire; Of spring water; lively, spirited (of a combat); living, alight (of fire) 2 a living being; in spiritual or mytholo- gical sense an immortal 3 alive (with gen. or possess. pron.) in the lifetime (of)
cnaí(ded) act of gnawing, wasting; wounds
cnedach of the wounds , wound-giving; wounded
cnedaigid wounds
coimthregtaid pierces, wounds
con-goin wounds , pierces
créchtach wounded, covered with wounds; blood-stained; wound-inflicting; injurious; As plant-name; crane's-bill
créchtnaigid wounds
críathar sieve, riddle; honey-comb; Of bodies riddled with wounds; swamp
críathrad act of winnowing, sifting, riddling; Act of riddling with wounds
dergaid 1 reddens, makes red (esp. of bloodshed); makes red-hot, heats, kindles, burns; causes to blush, reddens (with shame or anger); reddens (soil), hence turns up (soil), digs, ploughs 2 draws blood, wounds , with FOR, AR (in some cases orig. trans., arm, ga, etc. being understood;; grows red, flushes
2 ercaid 1 pricks, pierces, wounds; reddens 2 adorns, displays, makes known
*fo-goin wounds , impairs; is spoiled
1 for, 1 on, upon; over, above; on, at, by; upheld, supported by; being worn; carried by; over, up; attached to; in, amongst; forming a portion of; on, over, to, towards 2of form, appearance, hue, etc.; of arrangement, state, process; division, classifica- tion, naming; of point of time; coincidence of occurrence; on; with words expressing quality, talent, success, etc.; over, of rule, sway, superior might; upon, in addition to; in succession to, after; on i.e. affecting, afflicting; governing object of blessing, cursing, punishing, etc.; on, by means of; relying on; depending on; in; at; is incum- bent on; owing from; expressing worth, value 3 on, upon; over, above; on, over, above; Often = in; above ground, anywhere on earth, in existence; alive; Of wounds , bruises, etc.; Of approximate position, juxtaposition, on, at, by; Freq. in sense upheld, supported by, also being worn (esp. of weapons, ornaments; IMM is regularly used of clothes) or carried by; after vb. of placing, hoisting, over, up; Of things attached to, or forming part of a body, etc., as, parts of weapons; hair, limbs; leaves of trees, etc.; In, amongst; forming a part of, mixed with; After verb or vn. implying motion on, to, towards; Across, by way of 4 on (of that by which something is evident, known, recognized, etc.); over (of rule, sway; superior might); upon, in addition to (see do-formaig); in succession to, after; in addition to, along with; on, i.e., affecting, afflicting (of emotions, physical or mental states or conditions, joy, sorrow, fear, anxiety, sickness, pain, hunger, etc.;; existing on, by means of (a food, diet); a similar use is relying on, depending on; some- times = content with; in (a state, con- dition); in exile; in error; in the right; inclined; `by dint of' (cf. j); At, engaged in (an occupation or task); in despite of, to the detriment of.5 on account of, because of, for the sake of; on behalf of
fordergaid 1 reddens, makes red (with blood) 2 draws blood, wounds
forgonaid pierces, wounds
fuindeóc a window; Transf. of eyes, etc.; Of gaping wounds
gáelaid breaks, wounds , overcomes (?) ;
gáetaid wounds , kills
gonaid Pierces, wounds passing into sense kills (the precise meaning is not always easily ascertained); kills; Of taking pieces in the game of fidchell
guinige inflicting of wounds
1 il With a noun in pl. many, numerous; With a noun in sg. manifold, much, great:; many, a multitude; more, more numerous, greater; stronger; greater; more and more numerous; more and more numerous; very many; greatly; the more; many dwellings; many materials ?; manifold combat, many fights; many materials; many races, many families; many slayings; many weapons; many names; many heights; many fords; many limbs; many languages; many horned animals; many burdens,' many tasks ?; many savours; many blossoms; many years; great diversification, great variegation; manifold variety; many words; many victories, many outstanding qualities; great excellence ?; many bands; many affairs, many troubles; many battles; many cities; many treacheries; many churches; many kinds; many provinces; many heads; many melodies, many har- monies, manifold music; many crafts, many accom- plishments; act of torturing in various ways'; many hundreds; many cattle, cattle of various kinds; many meanings; many races; many tricks; many hounds; mani- fold heirship; many en- counters, many combats; many turns ? many circles ?; many territories; many delays; many gifts, many arts, many accomplish- ments; sg. dán varied skill, manifold science; sg. and pl. many hues, varied colouring; many differences; many shapes, varied shapes; many fines, many compensations; varied enchantments; many elements; many slayings, many slain; much decoration, much inlay; many weapons, varied weapons; many divisions; manifold division; much delay; many cries, much clamour; much joy; much rejoicing or merrymaking; many spells, many enchantments; many hostages; many arrangements, manifold equipment; many kinds, varied appearances; many deeds, various deeds; many sounds; many orders, many grades; many orna- mentations, many illuminations (of a MS.); very many, a great quantity; many blades; many letters; many places; many tribes, many families; much wealth, many treasures, many gifts; many seas; many dead; many desires; many animals; many thousands; many soldiers; many women; many ways; many snakes, various snakes; many parts; many sins; multiplicity of persons, many persons; many pains, varied pains; act of torturing in many ways; pl. varied tortures; many or varied beasts, many reptiles; s. monster, serpent; many parts, various parts:; many graces, many blessings; many shapes; many paths, many ways; many floods, many seas ?; many stars; manifold course ?, many courses ?; many mysteries, varied mystery ?; many psalms; many possessions; many wives; many hosts; many dwellings; many translations; many lands; many meanings; many peoples; many waters; very vast; sur- rounded by many angels; many-weaponed; of manifold sweetness; very sweet, very tasty; very eager, very quick; much variegated, very spotted; much variegated; very foul; of many judgments, critical; very fiery; of many victories, having many outstanding qualities; very beautiful, possessing many charms; of many races; peopled with many races; many-headed; of many melodies ?, very melodious ?; music-haunted; skilled in many crafts, very skilful, skilfully made; of many meanings; having many descendants, having many divisions; possessed of many qualities or qualifica- tions ?; of many feats, of many tricks; very wily ? : as subst.; very wolfish, very fierce; very quarrel- some, much given to complaining; very pious; having many wounds ?, very badly wounded ?; very shapely ?, of many shapes, of varied beauty ?; very hard; very gifted, skilled, accomplished, having many gifts or accomplishments (frequently used as subst.); Of the heads of crafts; a jack-of-all-trades; many-coloured; Name of a mythical country; many-coloured; having many shapes, adorned with many figures; beautiful ?; many-shaped; many-hued ?; much adorned, adorned in various ways; armed with many weapons; sharp-sworded; containing many words; agreeable, pleasing; possessing many powers or enchantments; many-virtued; of many kinds; Divers; skilled in the performance of many deeds; many faced; many-wounding; many-voiced; very distinguished; very hideous, very ugly; adorned with much ornamental work; very numerous, manifold; very wealthy, possessing varied treasures; very covetous; very splendid, very bright; abounding in monsters; abounding in grace; many-formed ?; very frenzied ?; with much bad-weather; changeable; very productive, very fertile; very lordly, very princely
lénaid impairs, injures, wounds
letraid 1 cuts (off), severs, fells, breaches 2 wounds , lacerates, mangles, hacks, rends 3 strikes, smites(?)
línad 1act of filling; Of covering a body with wounds , blood 2Fig. of spiritual faculties, endowing 3Of words, promises, prophecies, fulfilling, completing sense of 4Of tide flowing; Of a crowd, swarming
loittid 1 injures, spoils, destroys 2Of land, territory, buildings, devastates, lays waste, destroys 3 wounds , slays, injures 4 violates (a rule, etc.)
nesaigid wounds , bruises
tregtaid pierces, trans- fixes, wounds
2 tress 1 third 2 one of three 3 thirteenth
3 trom 1 heavy; Of sleep; Of a perfume; heavy, severe, grievous, difficult; Hence sad, sorrowful; great, vast, powerful, mighty; Of the earth; severer 2 weight, heaviness, burden; greater part, bulk; severity, distress, difficulty, sorrow; persecution; blame, censure 3 grievous lament; severe battle; great storm; mighty fleet; great pros- perity; heavy sleep; severe vengeance; great lord; mighty shout; sore disease; mighty flame; great benefit; heavy cloud; swooned; great pity, lamentation, sorrow; severe conflict; heavy snow; great belly; mighty fire; heavy conflict 4 very quarrelsome; of heavy dew; heavy-sodded; heavy and broad; heavy and great; mighty and red; amply measured 5 sleeps heavily; destroys; shouts loudly; severely wounds; severely wounds
2 úr 1of fields, hills 2of buildings and places, fair, bright 3 noble, generous; fair, active; generous as regards 4applied to various parts of the body, fair, bright 5of food, fresh, unsalted (of meat); Of ale 6of clothes, new, bright or fair 7of wounds , fresh, recent 89of horses, fresh, active 1011a new weapon; fair- (tree) top; bright garb; a fresh birch tree; fair word; fresh meat; a bright helmet; a fair nut; a fair hill; green hazel; a fair body; a green tree; verdant clay; a generous, noble heart; green holly; a fair swan; fresh meat; a noble feast; noble blood; a green branch; a green field; fresh curds; new iron; fresh butter; untanned leather or hide; fresh rushes; noble, generous son; a green plain; a bright coat of mail; fresh turf or peat; fresh nettles; raw, unprocessed (?) gold; fresh bacon; fair writing; a fresh flower; a green branch; fresh and tall; fair and curly; fair and curly; stout-hearted; having fresh branches; fresh and green; bright and unsheathed; fresh and pleasant; freshly cut or severed; strews with fresh rushes