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2 anair 1 from the front, before 2 east of3 from the east (implying motion); Of the east wind
1 athach breeze, blast; gust of wind
auster south wind
clíath 1 hurdle 2 wattle panels of walls, doors or gates 3 woven fence, palisade, outwork; opposition to4 bridge; stretcher, litter, bed; beds on which druids slept in order to acquire occult knowledge; harrow; framework of shield; Of the oars of a boat; Of an animal, the loin, rib-cage; Of the strings of a musical instrument; Of the web of cloth; in close fighting(?)
1 daiger A blast, gust of wind or fire, a flame, flash, blaze; wind; a shooting pang or pain, a stitch, sting; a dark gloom, a bright gleam
éirgid 1 rises, stands up; Of recovery from illness; Springs up, appears; Of the sun rising; Of wind , storm 2of resurrection 3 arises, mounts upwards, ascends, soars; Of liquids, etc.:; rises over, crosses over 4 grows up, matures 5of noise, manifestations of passion, anger, grief, joy, etc.: 6rises in hostility, takes up arms, rebels; attacks 7starts up; arises and sets forth, proceeds 8 abandons; renounces, gives up, forsakes; springs up at, attacks; meets; befalls, happens to; increases or thrives with, benefits one; one succeeds (in), prospers; (a quarrel) arises between; overcomes (?)
2 fann weak, helpless, lacking strength or power; soft, pliant; a weak, helpless person; (the fig-tree); smooth; limp (?); Diffident, (?); lowly fortune; limp (?); weak leg; checking gently; a weak wind , breeze; feeble faith; prostration, prostrate lying; weak (faint-hearted?) warrior; weak stem; faint- hearted; weak-winged; dispersed, spread in weakness
2 féithech swampy; wind-swept; boggy (?)
fencaid twists, contorts; I bend, wind , bow, warp
1 fogáeth 1A subordinate wind
2 gáeth wind; a whirlwind; a blasting; a mad dog; wind-tossed; sharp disease; wind-swept gullies; a windy sea; wind-drifted snow
1 garb rough, rugged, coarse; rude, harsh (of physical and moral qualities); a voiceless continuant; a rough field; a rugged cliff; coarse bread; a rough cloak; rude bondage; harsh authority; rude suffering; rough sport; rough clamour; harsh crooning; bristles; a rough (jagged ?) row; of rough growth (?); I squeeze roughly; rough-land; rough-haired; rough wind; of cruel fetters; a rugged hand; harsh tuning; rude force; rough- bearded; a roughly-fashioned vessel; with stormy waters; fiercely burning; goldylocks, goosegrass; rough weather, storm; rough hewing; rough-hewn; rough stream; rough washing; fierce fire; rough land; rough wave; rough thunder; rough third
gatṡnímach (epithet of the wind ) withe- twisting, contorting
6 gen a current of wind (?)
glanaid 1 cleanses, purifies, purges; Fig. clears, clears out; Of slaughter after a battle, completes; Of the wind , makes calm, makes fair; palliates, justifies; elides 2 shines, dawns
guibelta epithet of the wind
1 idlann, idlang 1a leap, a bound 2a rush, onset, charge 3 an outburst (of anger) 4 a blast (of wind ); a burst (of sun- light) 5 a pang ?
imgaeth violent wind , whirlwind
1 neo wind (poetic word?)
pípán a small pipe or tube; In mod. lit. the wind- pipe, throat
remgáeth a premature (untimely) wind ?
saeb 1lit. crooked, aslant, askew 2 perverted, perverse, fro- ward. In late lang. oft. acquires added meaning of stupid, silly 3of weather deranged, unseasonable 4 false, misleading, unjust, ill-judged 5 false apostle; false judgement; false counsellor; false prophet; false teaching; eddy- ing wind; squint-eyed; squinting
scúap 1 brush, broom 2of flax sheaf, bundle 3of a straw (?) winding-sheet 4Of gusts of wind (see scúapaid)
séitid 1 blows, blows across, wafts; Of blowing a wind-instrument; Of blowing bellows 2 blows out, expels, emits 3 incites, urges on, stirs up
2 sían 1 humming, lilting 2a strain of music or song 3 humming; whistling, whirring
1 side, sithe 1a blast or gust (of wind )2 rush, violent onset, swoop (of a bird), spring (of an animal)
sidén a blast (of wind ), a gush (of blood)
smid breath, puff (of wind ); syllable, word
2 sonn 1a stake, post, beam, prop, club; Of a weapon, missile 2a palisade 3a fortified height; violent wind; very power- ful, violent
stefir Zephyr, west wind
suinnén thrust, push, blow, attack; gust of wind
teimen 1 dark, obscure; ? Hence of persons plain, incon- spicuous 2 dark in colour, of the colour called `teimen'3the wind whose colour is `teimen'; As the name of a colour
toirm, tairm 1 sound; noise, tumult, trampling; shock (?) 2 report, fame
1 tonn 1 wave; Hence foam; As a measure of distance; outpouring; draughts; sea; from end to end; salmon (?); porpoise?; abundance; bog, swamp 2 surface; land, earth; skin; under the skin, secretly
trefet 1act of breaking wind 2 blower, bellows
trén 1 strong; Gramm. ainm t. substantive; powerful over 2 strongly 3 strong man; strength 4 strong weapon; strong man, warrior; violent seizure; strong wind; oppression; violent kick; strong mead; valiant work; great cham- pion; mighty boar; singular of a substantive (cf. ainm trén); strongly armed; strongly woven (?); having strong links; strongly advances (?)
tuinsem 1 act of trampling on, crushing under foot 2 impact, shock; Of the thrust of a spear; Of the wind; onslaught; explosion
úaine green, verdant, : Of fields, hills, etc.; Of estuaries, rivers, etc. blue or green; In descriptions of people, of the eye; Of an eyelash; Of clothes, armour etc.; Of blades; Of a wound; Of drinking-horns; Of a wall or rampart; Of ice blue (?); Of stars (here fig. of eyes); green colour, greenness, something green; of colour of the wind; lea-land