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adart some kind of support for the head in sleeping or reclining; pillow; a bolster, a pillow; Pebble-ridge, high water-mark(?)
2 an water; otter
2 án 1 glory, splendour,; splendid person; fine cows; bright flame; bright torch; splendid king
2 áth poisonous plant; water-dropwort (?)
áth aba hellebore, deadly night-shade; water-dropwort; hemlock
athḟothrucud used washing water
2 bethra expld. as water
bíast, béist (Wild) beast, monster (on applications see píast); Of fabulous monsters, dragons, water-monsters, etc.; (of magical monstrous cat); vermin; monster-cat
2 bir Mainly in glossaries and B. na f. and expld. as water; spring, well, stream
birar Name of a water-plant; brook-lime; scurvy-grass; Usually translated watercress; watter-cresses
bláth 1 flower, blossom; bloom; water-lily; fragrance; odour 2 bloom, (bright) colour; flourishing appearance, condition; sheen (?); beauty
1 bráen rain, moisture, drop(s); shower; rain-water; blood-reddened
1 búal prob. an inference from 2 búalad; expld. as water .
bunad 1 origin, basis, source; unauthorized (?); dwelling, habitation 2Of families etc. origin, stock, race 3In Laws original stock, stock belonging to the family, etc.; Hence freq. fer bunaid owner; Of bees; Of water for a mill 4V. freq. in gs. as attrib. original, fundamental; native, hereditary; inherent, own, proper; basic, established; certain, veritable, real, etc.; feud; family name; the owner (?)5 in reality, actually; `originally' (in fact ?); always, perpetually, for ever
cerc hen; Of female of other birds; grouse; water-hen; name of a legendary bird
3 corr well, pool, depression containing water
2 cúan haven, harbour, bay, gulf (?); expanse or stretch of water , sea, river, waters; Meaning doubtful (vessel ? vat ?) in; resort
2 cúanach having harbours, havens, stretches of water
cuiligthe turbulence, agitation, boiling movement of water
dabach 1A large tub or vat with two handles (for ale, wine, mead, curds, oil, water, or washing); Made of oak; of yew; of crystal; of silver; Held together by hoops; for ale; for mead; for cold water; for eggs; Intended for washing 2a hollow, pit, pool 3A measure of land, a portion of land
damán allaid a spider; a water-spider
damsa a dancing; given to dancing; a dancer; a morris or morrish-dancer, also a water-spider; dance; a dancer
damuscach 1of water 2of sweat
1 dían swift, rapid; sudden; In lit. gener. with the added sense of eager, impetuous, forceful or vehement, both in good and bad sense. Of animals and natural objects (gener. implying motion); swift-passing, fleeting (?); active; In following cases meaning seems to be strong, without notion of activity or motion; swift or sudden death (destruction); swift or ruthless slaying; hasty speech; earnest repentance (?); (legal term) `sudden notice'; sudden death; sudden doom; swift or fierce crushing; sudden death; sudden or violent sickness, plague; ready hospitality; nimble hand; swift healing; forcible violation; swiftly-flowing water; of vehement nature; very fierce (?). Of a river; of swift or fierce blows; deeply- grieving; very eager; very prudent; utterly dead; nimble-minded, very spirited; of hasty words (?); advances rapidly; quickly swamps.; quickly carries; quickly burns; quickly destroys; quickly or utterly distributes, scatters, disperses, sepa- rates; As med. term dissolves, diffuses
doborfit water-diet (for penitents)
dobrit(h) water-diet (?), penitential diet
1 dobur 1 dark, unclean; dark, impure, foul; gloomy darkness; dark pool; dark and tricky; dark cloud; dark clouds; twi- light; dark water 2 obscure; indistinct (?)3 dire, dark-minded, evil (?)
2 dobur water; water-snake; Of the Gweedore River
1 donn 1 dun, brown, apparently a light brown inclin- ing to yellow or red; chestnut (?); roan (?); tawny, fawn-coloured; Of clothing, etc.; Of leather; Of hair, complexion, etc.; dark brown; taperpink; hazel-eyed (?); bright?; Of natural objects; Of things made of wood; butler; Of weapons, esp. shields; Of clay, earth; Of a district; Of water; Of fire; Of blood or blood-stained objects; sad (?)2 dun, dark, sad-coloured (?); a bad aspect, a fascinating look
dorbuisce foul or turbid water
ech A horse (incl. mare or gelding) genly. of chariot or saddle-horse,; the stallion; baggage-horse; an unbroken horse; a British (Welsh) horse; a winning horse; wooden horse; riding-horse; a water- horse (a goblin); crocodiles (?); horse-boy, groom (?); white of steeds, having white steeds; horse-mouth, horse-lipped; horse-headed; stallion; centaur, horse-mongrel; of swift steeds; horsecloth; rod, horsewhip; mounted on, or possessing swift steeds; tameness of steeds; great in steeds, rich in steeds; plant name, horse-clover; bridle; horse-thief; a horse-contest, horse-race
eder water (?)
en water
1 esc water; A puddle?
esgal noise, roar (of water ); storm, commotion; (mental) confusion (?)
fem(m)ar some kind of edible sea-weed or water- weed
femnach sea-weed, or edible water-weed
fetán 1a hiss or whistle 2a pipe or tube; A musical pipe; Med. (a) in pl. pipes, of the lungs, bronchi; (b) fistula; A pipe for conveying water , etc. 3 a brooch(?)
findchoire a (white ?) water-pot or vessel
1 fír 1 true, veracious; he is right; I deem it true, I believe; it will prove true, come to pass; happened; may it come to pass; so be it; if it is true = `according to statement', `it is said'; `righteous' (?); as true as; genuine 2what is true; truth, right; according to truth, really, actually; truly, really (?)3a pledge, guaran- tee 4an attestation; a proof, test, ordeal; a religious ordeal or attestation; compurgation; compurgators; `test-tree,' tree of ordeal; aspen 5 right, due 6`truth of battle,' a just cause in fight; fair play (in combat), single combat; the truth (justice) of the F.; the word of a prince; justice of a ruler; fair fighting 7 veracious, true, just; a just judge; a just judgment; just, true rule; according to right procedure, as is meet; true, righteous judgment; true account; just wrath; veritable, genuine, real; the true God; heathen gods; genuine fury; the true neuters; a genuine friend; a veritable foe; a true cleric; the real God; a true, rightful prince; true King; exact; true, genuine or merely intens. downright, sheer; true smoothness; gentleness; a hearty welcome; true charity; scrutinizing; true love; intense thirst; real profit; a downright defeat; deep envy; selected (?) wheat; salmon; a salmon- weir; fresh milk; a spring; fresh water (opp. to brine), spring water 8 truly, genuinely, downright; very keen; perfectly round; quite certain; really poor; truly learned; just in judgment; truth-speaking; truly the best
1 fúal 1 urine; Used as fertilizer; excrements 2 water (foul water , a puddle ?)
glan 1 clean, clear, pure, bright; having fine eye-brows; fair boast; pure goodness; bright crown; a clear (i.e. unambiguous) charter; martyrdom; pure reason; pure-footed; pure, orthodox belief; pure of heart; pure justice; rich-hilted; a clear evening; of pure words; unstained valour; illustrious genealogy; of the fair gravel; of the pure offerings; clear intellect; pure hue; pure manna; pure honour; the clear sea; pure gold; having a clear view, clear-sighted; a clean roll; gleaming, radiant; a pure (i.e. sacred ?) mystery; sincere; fairly ordered 2 sheer, thorough, exact; zeal; a clear mistake
iaena water-tank ?
idre a water-pot
imbádud 1act of contending together in the water trying to duck or drown one another (probably a type of sport) 2 drowning (in shipwreck), wallow- ing; swamping (a boat); immersion ?; Fig. overwhelming
imthrascrad 1 wrestling together, throwing one another; a wrestling bout; Of fighting in water 2 overthrowing
indlat 1act of washing the hands or feet; act of cleansing 2In concrete sense, water for washing
léimm 1act of leaping, somet. act of moving (rapidly) (against), hence act of attacking 2 rushing into3 leap, bound 4 leaps, bounds 5Of the gushing forth of water
1 linn 1 pool, lake 2 sea, ocean 3in tranquillity; over the sea
linnmar 1 abounding in pools, having much water 2Of cows, milk-producing
2 ló Water
luchorp dwarf, water-sprite
madrogen name of a plant, agrimony?; agrimony, water-hemp
marb 1 dead; (subst.) a dead person; in religious lit. often fig. in sense either mortified, insensible, or spiritually dead; All Souls' day; a coffin 2 dying; on the point of death 3to die 4 exhausted; stagnant pool; deadly; deadly, fatal 5 dead-body-fine', fine for a fatal injury; dead stock', property of the dead; carcasses of the cattle; dead chattels' i.e. inanimate possessions; dead property; dead wealth'; claims on a dead man's estate?; a death-due; death-benefits; food-dues paid in dead cattle; service due to chief after his death, such as attending his funeral; dead, pertaining to the dead, inanimate:; death-dirge; dead fleece', covering of the dead:; a woollen shroud; blood of a dead person, gore; a lifeless thing; lifeless booty; swathings of a corpse; a grave-stone; a standing pool; stagnant water 6 faint-hearted; having a withered arm
menadach gruel made of meal and water (or occas. butter); a common diet for penitents.
mug, mog 1A male slave or servant; a serf or bondman; servant of the water (a kenning for salmon?; a monk or coenobite; a hermit
múlach a puddle, dirty water
múnaid makes water , pisses; staled
múnigid makes water , pisses
murdraigen name of a plant, hemp agrimony; agrimony, water-hemp; great germander
murthola a tidal wave; a flood or outburst of water
nenufar water lily
odrán As name of a drinking-horn; watery' > ` water-animal' (= otter) > otter- coloured; otter-folk
1 raib, ruib the plant rue; water-rue
romuir the sea, ocean; great expanse of water
rota bog-water , bog-stuff; A bog, marsh
rothmol 1the wheel of a water-mill 2a rapid whirling movement, gyration 3a scrimmage, mêlée or massacre 4the name of a bardic metre
sáile 1 sea-water , the sea 2 salt water , brine
sisan 1 barley-water 2 applied to an infusion of other ingredients (? in addition to barley)
síthal a vessel for drawing water , a bucket; a body
sitruilli citrul, water-melon
spec water-spider
taemad emptying, baling out; bilge-water; flooding, overflowing (?)
taesc jet, spurt, flow (of blood, etc.); water-shooting
taescán a scoop for baling, baler (?); A spill of water , a flush
tairiden leading ( water ); watercourse, aqueduct, millrace
tanalach shallow water
tot impact of water against object
1 traig 1the human foot (occas. also of animals); step; retires, yields, gives ground (to) 2 foot as measure of length; a division of land (?)
túarcon 1 grinding, wearing away (lit. and fig.); trouble, sorrow 2 grinding or threshing corn, scutching flax; thrashing; a batch or charge of a kiln 3 hammering (in a forge) 4 hammering, beating, smiting, clashing 5Of the treatment of wounds cleaning, rinsing, bathing with water (?)
tuididen 1 act of leading, guiding 2 act of leading water; millrace 3 proof, sworn evidence (?); proof
tummud 1 act of dipping, immersing; baptism; Of the ordeal of boiling water 2Of dipping a candle; flavouring
1 úar 1 cold, cool; freq. as epithet of wine, etc., cool, refreshing; of places, freq. in sense bleak, unfriendly; esp. of hell; of pain; of weapons; of clothing; of persons, in uncomplimentary sense, implying coldness of disposition, sometimes = cruel; in technical legal expression mac húar (lit. cold son), a son who has failed to provide filial service and obedience and so is rendered legally dependent on the father ( ); is cold, indifferent towards; in sense of ineffective, unprofitable, vain; of poetic composition, stately (?) 2a cold thing 3a useless journey; a cool garment, i.e. mail (?); a hut, habitation, dwelling, bothy, hunting lodge; a bare plough- share; a cold shower; hypocrisy; a cold (unfeeling?) heart; a cold awakening (common in the Annals of surprising the enemy); cold Spring; cold sea; a cold hiding-place; `a lukewarm regard'; a stupid ques- tion; mid- winter (?); cold hell; a cold month; a silly story, fiction; a cold mountain; a cold refreshing stream; a cold stream; a cruel fight; deceitful pledge; cold water; lukewarm prayer 4 cruel and ruthless; cold and narrow; hypocritical; cold-hearted; cold and red; cold and wet; cool and complete; cold and clear; cold and green; cold and long; cold and stimulating; having cold waves 5 shivers with cold
uisce water; Fresh water (as opposed to salt water); a piece of water, a river, a lake; Of mountain streams; Of the sea; Of rain; Of tears; Of water of baptism; gossipred i.e. relation of sponsors; holy water; whiskey; broth; holy water; stagnant water; (lit. deaf water ); barley water; water of prayer, i.e. holy water; rain water; lit. water of the edge; water for washing; water in which the hands are washed; honey water; bog water; plain water; water for mass; drinking water; running water; rose water; salt water; well water; a water-pot