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airḟéchain act of surveying , reconnoitring
fégain, féchain 1 looking at, beholding, surveying; to inspect 2 facing (an enemy, difficulty, etc.), coping with 3 trying, testing 4 paying regard to, taking into consideration; nevertheless; considering = compared with; as regards
forcsi 1 surveying , overlooking, beholding; spy, scout; Faculty of overlooking (?); In Laws, of witnessing or being passive spectator of some occurrence or action, involving in some cases legal liability 2 examining, inspecting 3 aspect, appearance 4
fordécsin surveying , observing, recon- noitring
imcaisiu 1the act of looking around, surveying , beholding, examining; watchfulness; the act of contemplating; contemplation, consideration; foresight?, perception 2(eye)sight, gaze, vision; By transf., eye; a sight, a sign; appearance
immaircse act of surveying or reconnoitering
midem 1 surveying , estimating 2a judge (analogy of brith- em)
midemain 1 judging 2 contemplating, surveying (in order to form a judge- ment); reconnoitring 3the act of reflecting; meditation
taidbred 1 showing, demonstrating, manifesting; Hence revelation, vision, dream 2 looking at, gazing at, surveying , inspecting; Reconnoitring; look after, control (?)
tairderc viewing, surveying; nodding, beckoning