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áer 1 cutting, incising 2act of satirising, lampooning, defaming; (maledictory) satire , lampoon
2 ail 1 disgrace, reproach; act of reproaching; verbal insult; In physical sense blemish, defect 2Name of a type of satire 3 misfortune (esp. of death or wounding in battle)
2 ailech satire , invective
1 ainmed act of drawing attention to a blemish (esp. by satire); satirising; blemish; Name of a type of satire
aíre satire
aisnéis 1 act of relating, telling, explaining; narration, explanation; tidings; Of a biblical passage or saying; Of a type of satire; Of a type of metre 2Legal act of giving information, informing (against)
1 anair name of a kind of metre proper to the `clí' poet, see -, . Explained by native glossators as an-áer not satire .
bard poet or rhymester inferior in qualifications and status to the `fili' (q.v.).; As exponent of satire
cáintecht art of satire , lampooning
clamar satire
2 dallbach A kind of satire; innuendo
dulsaine mockery, satire (?); A female satirist
dulsan kind of mockery or satire (?)
écndach 1 Reviling, slandering, defaming; of blasphemy; Of defamation or satire by a poet 2 Accusing, backbiting, complaining of, murmuring against 3 Complaining, grieving over, lamenting
eisce intention to damage, to slay or wound; intentional wounding or slaying; assault; a kind of satire
2 fall foulness (?); satire
2 ferb a blister (raised on the face by satire or moral blemish)
foraer a calumnious or exaggerated (or superfluous, un- called-for ?) satire , lampoon
1 glám 1 satire , a lampoon, a censure; reviling; outcry, clamour; barking, yelping 2Of persons, usu. pl., a satirist; a scold
glasgabail some form of satire
gróma satire
1 neimnech 1 poisonous, venomous 2 envenomed, deadly, dangerous, keen, intense; Of persons, venomous, vindictive, dangerous (to deal with); occas. in favourable sense 3 name of a poetic composition ( satire or lampoon?)
rindele, rindile satire
saignes humour, satire
2 tamall ( satire ); without pause
2 tár, táir ( satire )