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ainfile inferior poet (?)
1 airchetlaid singer, reciter, poet
ánrad 1 poet of the second order, next in rank to an ollam 2Name of noble next in rank to king3 hero, warrior, champion
bard poet or rhymester inferior in qualifications and status to the `fili' (q.v.).; As exponent of satire
bol expld. as poet(ry)
buaibleórach metre used by an oblaire poet
1 cana 1 cub, whelp 2 poet of fourth grade; chanter
clíarach having or frequented by many bands of clerics, ( poet -) bands or choirs (freq. as epithet of people or places)
1 crosán buffoon, jester, reviler; poet whose metre is crosánacht. Orig. crucifix-bearer in religious processions, singer of satirical poem; villains
dall-éices A blind poet
dán 1A gift, bestowal, endowment, present; gifts given to the Church, its goods; a gift from man to God, a spiritual offering; often in connection with idpart or de- pendent on adopair; a divine gift to man from God or the Holy Ghost, a Christian virtue looked upon as an emanation from the Holy Ghost; a natural endowment, faculty, ability or talent, ingenium 2 Skill in applying the principles of a special science; science; skill applied to the material or subject-matter of art; artistic faculty, art; especially the poetic faculty; the art of poetry; , esp. poets 3A poem, song, verse, rhyme; an ode, poem, lay, song or ditty; hymn.; in verse; the name of a metrical system used by the Irish4An industrial pursuit of a skilled nature; a craft, trade, business, office, calling, profession 5A profession as represented by its practisers col- lectively; the members of a trade as a body; captives, prisoners 6An occupation, function, business; an allotted task 7To give in payment; a payment; pro- fession 8 destined to, in store for; espec. destined by fate, fated, allotted; fate, destiny; oppose together, be on the same side against
1 deán a name for the highest grade of poet; master (?)
2 dil 1 poet (?); `poets' (coll.) (?) 2 poetry, science
4 donn poet (B. na f.)
2 dos poet of the third year or fifth grade
dréchtach 1 numerous 2 belonging to or skilled in song, poetry; A poet
druí 1 druid; druidess 2 magician, wizard or diviner; magicians of the Pharisees' (rather doctors, wise men; Applied by heathens to Christian thaumaturgists; a charmer; Transf. of a wren (?); jester 3 poet , learned man
2 drúth 1 professional jester or buffoon; satirist; vagrants; poet , learned man2In Laws imbecile, person not responsible for his actions:; fool; a female imbecile
dúan Song, poem; a verse composition; stanza; `song-abbot', poet; contest of song (?); an elegy or threnody; panegyrical poetry; singing songs
dúanaire 1 maker or reciter of verses: rhymer, chanter, poet , bard 2 song-book, poem-book, collection of poems
éices scholar, learned man, sage, poet; member of a bardic retinue
éicse 1 divination, the faculty of divination; wisdom, the profession of a seer 2 revelation, lore, learning;; poetry, poetic composition; also the poetic art, poetic skill or faculty, the calling of a poet 3the poetic profession, the bardic order; poets
éicsín a student of poetry, a poet's pupil or apprentice
éicsíne a learner of `éicse'; a student of poetry, a poet's pupil or apprentice
fele, féle poetry, science; a poet
1 fer 1a man (as opp. to a woman) 2 a husband (opp. to ben `wife') 3 churchmen; a tribesman, relative; a king's bedfellow; `per- petrator' (operator); a companion; the traitor; a man of violence; to denote an occupation or calling (often in stereotyped phrases; a watchman; a fosterer; miller (?); grinder (?); a standard-bearer; visionary; a craftsman; a poet; lawyer; churchman; a hunter; serving-man; spy; an Interpreter; a deputy;; a professor; lector; miller; dispenser, butler; diviner; plough- man; a lover; a teacher; a husbandman, house-holder; host; husbandmen; a candle- bearer, acolyte; lawgiver; owner, possessor 4in pl. folld. by gen. of place, inhabitants; men of the sídhe, elves 5 chessman; Of a drinking-horn:; Of a bird; Of a fish; a salmon; ivy- men' (some kind of bird ? see eidenn)6in gramm., person 7pertaining to a man or men, intended for a man, manly
fili Orig. seer, diviner; Poet (historian, panegyrist, satirist), man of learning; Applied to Virgil; Epimenides; part of the sixth year's course of the student-`fili'; master poet; a learned man, one skilled in literary composition in Irish
1 flesc 1a rod, wand, stick; bishop; Of angular staves for Ogham inscriptions; lath, wattle (in a structure); Of plectrum for a `timpán' (?); a wand with hair, i.e. a bow 2a line, stroke 3a scion, stripling, young person 4 land; land held in full fee, patrimony, domain 5 a hoop, circlet (late sense) ;; fillet 6 poet's wand, stave; ogham staves; poet's fillet, wreath (mark of his calling) 7a hedge, rail; hereditary land ?
fochloc a poet or `fili' of a lower grade
3 in-, 1 capable of being claimed; capable of acting as surety; fit to offer Mass; suitable for the offering of Mass; capable of giving battle; able to argue; fit for ploughing; arable land; capable of bearing arms; worthy of being recounted or men- tioned; fit to travel, capable of walking; As epithet of a messenger; capable of being recognised or acknowledged; capable of acting as a surety; fit to be in- habited; fit for a ghost; fit for (use as) a razor; fit for military service; liable to be bound ? liable to give a pledge or guarantee ?; `fit for a battle-field'; fit for a wedding-feast; capable of being censured, blame- worthy; fit for the axe; customary; capable of being, fit to be; fit for food ?; like a bow; capable of taking part in a conflict; fit to be reaped; eatable, proper to be eaten; capable of being cast; able to fight; worth fighting for ?; marriageable; worthy to be bought ?; capable of (committing) an offence ? responsible ?; able to help; worthy of protection; able to restrain or resist ?; capable of being traversed on foot; worthy of note; able to fight, a match (for); worthy of being boasted of; comparable; comparable; capable of giving combat, a match (for); fit to mate with, marriageable; fit to be to- gether with; comparable with Cc.; proper to be kept, to be held; able to defend; to be dwelt (in); capable of being sold, liable to be sold ?; fit for the yoke, marriageable; to be put, proper to be put, comparable; fit to be compared with Corc; fit to join a company (of warriors), able to fight; proper, peculiar; `giftworthy'; courteous, gallant; capable of being made, (proper) to be made, capable of performing; to be forgotten, for- gettable; resembling a pin ?; unlucky, unfortunate; (proper) to be gone, able to go, traversable; fit to perform feats, fit for military service; suitable for horse-contests ?; capable of wisdom; necessary; capable of valiant deeds; liable to be paid (as éric); suitable for tillage; to be refused; fit for military ser- vice, capable of efficient action; As subst. `service due to a chief'; fit to be a warrior; capable of watching over; capable of giving valid evidence'; fit for a poet; marriageable; fit for a prince; chief-becoming; fit for an outlaw; capable of being inhabited; a habitable residence; capable of inheriting family land; to be waited for, worthy to be waited for; endurable, permissable; to be main- tained; fit to be taken, (liable) to be taken; to be captured; worthy of acceptance; Of a prayer, to be recited; sick, diseased; fit to be named; fit for manure; tallowy; fit to be accepted as a pledge; later worthy, excellent:; capable of (warlike) action; capable of work; worthy of censure, blameworthy; `to be sought for'; fit to drink; able to pay; curable; proper to be inflicted; fit to contend with; fit to row upon; fit to set out, ready to set out; capable of being traversed; (a wound) requiring a tent; by trans- ference, the person on whom such a wound has been inflicted; a milch-cow, a cow in milk ?; fit for a hero, heroic; capable of bearing a calf ?; curable, able to profit by the treatment of a leech; curable; excusable; lion-like; profitable ?; capable of maintaining; fit to float on a lake; blame- worthy ?; worthy to receive a reward; worthy to be boasted of (see moídem); sea-worthy, fit to go to sea; (capable of) intoxicating; worthy of praise; teachable (?); marriageable; worthy of a warrior (of a woman, marriageable, attractive (?): of a man, manly); warrior-like; fit for an assembly, festive (of attire); drinkable, ready to be drunk; curable, able to benefit from medical treatment; capable of making an alliance; capable of marrying; visible; fit to be men- tioned, proper to be said, noteworthy; capable of undertaking suretyship'; fit to run; kingly, fit for a king; fit for kingship, eligible for kingship; worthy to be calculated; fit to be divided; fit to be trusted; like a knife ?; fit for separating, to be separated; fit to be strained ?; capable of hunting; suitable for seed ?, favourable to growth ?; worthy of peace, able to be reconciled; able to walk; able to fight, fit for military service; significant, worth mentioning; fit to be bound; fit for swimming in; able to bring happiness or good fortune; fit to be an example; capable of engaging in combat with; able to come; worthy of trust; worthy to be expounded; capable of going, to be gone, (fit) to be tra- versed; capable of severity ?, capable of giving battle ? (see 2 tend); able to emulate, to be desired, worthy to be loved; acceptable; permissable ?; worth coming; desirable; able to weigh; fit to contend; worthy to be sought after; fit for a journey; fit for sick-attendance 2 to be sued for; to be feared; fit to be reckoned, con- siderable; to be waited; habitable; proper to be; to be taken; to be considered; able to fight; to be disparaged; to be censured; fit to give battle; to be corrected; blameworthy; to be checked; equally to be esteemed ?; to be observed, to be kept; to be compared; credible, trustworthy; to be visited; to be put; capable of fighting; to be condemned; to be done, fit to be done; fit for the spreading of a couch in; to be blamed; fit to be cast, capable of being cast; to be expelled ?; (or perhaps under (a) fit to be enslaved; to be gone; to be feared; to be consented to; worthy to be looked at; to be accepted, acceptable; to be taken; acceptable; acceptable; requiring to be removed ?; irremovable; moveable; to be called; to be invoked; to be sought for; to be inflicted; edible; to be spoken; fit for lying on; legible; to be let, to be loosed; to be followed, to be pursued; worthy to be mentioned; (worthy) to be treasured ?; fit to be killed; capable of intoxicating; to be compared, to be thought likely, conceivable; worth boasting of; praiseworthy, commendable, requiring to be praised; capable of being taught; to be revealed; to be refused; to be said, capable of being said; to be subdued or disciplined; capable of being travelled; fit to be made king; to be avoided; `fit to be dwelt in'; to be considered; to be given; capable of being compared; (worthy) to be trusted; to be avoided; to be brought, to be given, to be applied or ascribed; to be understood
leiccerd name of a kind of poet .
mac(c)fuirmid a poet of the sixth or second lowest grade in the Irish order of `filid';
meiscetlach a song-reciter, an inter- mediary between poet and patron?
nathach a maker of `naths', a poet
oblaire a juggler or rhymester? the tenth or lowest class of poet
óc 1 young 2a young man and hence a warrior; a poet 3 young people (coll.); a calf; a young ox; a foal; a fawn; princes; possessing foals
sacaire one of the lower grades of poet
salbard a poet of a certain grade
1 tadg a poet
taman 1 trunk of a tree, stock, stem 2 chief, leader, (?) descendent 3 headless human body 4 stupid person, blockhead (?); a poet of a certain rank
teiscin a name of the `drisiuc' poet (before ordination
teiscleimnech 1having to do with gleaning, gathering: 2 metre used by a `taman' poet
tigern lord; poet of the fourth class
3 túar, túaraid, túarad poet , sage (?)
tuignech 1 mantle worn by a poet 2 mantle, cloak, covering in general; Of a bed-covering; in armour