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1 búarach spancel for cows at milking-time; In transfd. sense milking-time, (early) morning; this morning, a short time ago, just now; tomorrow
cacaid meet, just
1 cert 1 correct, right, proper, fitting 2 fair, just 3Of material objects etc. straight, even; symmetrical 4Of numbers, quantities etc. exact, precise 5 rightly 6the right, what is proper, correctness; correctness 7 properly, rightly, as is fitting 8 right, claim, entitlement 9 justice, fair dealing 10As technical term used of one of several legal pro- cesses 11proper arrangement or procedure, correct way of doing something 12 declensional form (of noun or verbal noun) 13 correctness, permissibility
certmar just
cían 1 long, enduring; far, distant; Predic. with copula, usually long (of time); lasting; however long, as long as, while 2a long time, period; from of yore, long; from afar; from of old, long ago; recent, just mentioned 3 as long as, since, when; until
cóir 1 even, well-proportioned, straight 2 proper, correct, right; suitable, fitting, just 3 fittingly 4 properly 5 rightness, justness, propriety; that which is right or proper; right, due, justice 6In sense of claim, due, tribute; hence recompense, compensation, penalty, retribution, punishment 7 correctness, correct form (of); proper (legal) arrangement (for); procedure, device, means (of doing someth.)
comchóir equally just , fitting, well-pro- portioned, etc.
comdírech (equally) straight, upright; just
comiúir equally just
comthrom 1of the same weight, equal, even, equivalent; evenly-matched (of battles); just , equitable; level, smooth 2 equal weight or amount, equivalent; Of weights, balance; equality, equivalence; justice, equity, fair treatment
córach peaceful; just
córae 1 correctness, propriety; justice, lawsuit, claim; just; right, proper, aright, in due order; properly 2 peace, amity, concord; at peace, in amity
1 deithbire adequate reason, necessity, just cause; In Laws justifiable excuse or lawful im- pediment
1 deithbires just or reasonable cause, the necessity which calls for a certain action
dess 1 right (as opposed to left), dexter:; right hand, right-hand side (lám being understood); on my right, to right of me 2 south (the s. being on the right to a person facing east). As prep. south of. In Mid. Ir. usually tes on the analogy of tuaid, tuath; In various advbl. phrases: andess from the south, northwards; With FRI from the S. towards, hence to the south of; southwards 3 right, just , meet 4By extension convenient, becoming, agreeable, well- arranged, neat, later pretty, fine 5 brown or ruddy in the south?; shapely
2 dessa just , right (?); As subst.: justice, fairness (?)
dílmain 1that which is free, permissbile, without hindrance or penalty 2 free (to act), unhampered 3 it is free to me (to), I am at liberty (to . . .), it is lawful for me, I may with impunity; attrib. just , lawful 4 free from obstacles, unimpeded, unattached; free for action, of a pers., used to explain accinctus; unattached to, or absol. independent, unemployed 5of offspring illegitimate 6Of persons free, unattached; volunteers; freeman
díriuch 1 straight, direct; straightly, directly; straight away (?); carries off, obtains 2 straightforward, upright, just , right 3 actual, downright, real
dligthech 1 regular, accordant with rule, right, lawful, law- abiding 2 rational, endowed with reason 3Of persons reasonable, just , righteous
dligthemail lawful, just
1 place, spot; variety of places (?); Space 2 everywhere; anywhere; where; wherever; where 3 place belonging or peculiar to someone, native place, patrimony:; a patrimony, an estate, an inheritance; Hence due, right, that to which a person is entitled:; appurtenances i.e. products (?); Hence as pred. due, owing or belonging to 4 what need (right) have I to?; meet, fitting, right; meet, just , proper
1 dúal 1 native, hereditary, esp. of place 2 native, natural to, wonted (of instincts, qualities, etc.); Inherent or hereditary nature or characteristic 3 belonging to by right or descent, right, possession 4 that which is natural, hence meet, fitting, right (for) 5 due, desert 6 nature, destiny 7 kind, species 8 just cause, reason, fit occasion 9 hereditary dues, pos- sessions (?)
feb 1 excellence, distinction, used of external condition, prosperity, appearance, and also to denote a high degree of a quality or state; for, because of (?); wealth, fortune, possessions, social status: in Laws the external qualifications of property by which (a man's) rank was determined:; divisions (i.e. degrees) of dignity; goods, pos- sessions; way, manner (?); in like manner 2 in the way that', as; just as, exactly as; as, according as, in like manner as; as, when; just as; as if, as though; of excellent generosity (?)
fechtnach 1 happy, pros- perous, blessed 2 just , righteous
1 finn 1white (gen. bright white; bright, lustrous 2 fair, light-hued (of complexion, hair, etc.) 3 bright, blessed (freq. in religious poetry) 4in moral sense, fair, just , true 5of blighted corn 6adj. of color, denoting a light or bright shade; light-yellow; light auburn; lime-white, white-washed; whitewashed; fair and strong; fair and curly; fair and long (or smooth); fair and gentle; fair and comely; clear (?) and cold; whitehorned 7a milch-herd; white silver; the noble prince; white carn; blessed (?) bell; white (i.e. peeled) wattles; white (i.e. silver) pin; fine calm weather; fair word; magic (?) word; a pleasant laugh; dawn, morning; cowberry; white mist; white pearl; the small intestine; a fair stream; fair, clear spring; whitebeam (?); cooling, refreshment; refreshes; a story, a legend; white copper 8a fair-haired; Norwegians; Anglo-Norman invaders; a contemporary invader; white heathens; Norsemen; a Norwegian; the Hebrides; `fair gentiles' (Norwegians)
1 fír 1 true, veracious; he is right; I deem it true, I believe; it will prove true, come to pass; happened; may it come to pass; so be it; if it is true = `according to statement', `it is said'; `righteous' (?); as true as; genuine 2what is true; truth, right; according to truth, really, actually; truly, really (?)3a pledge, guaran- tee 4an attestation; a proof, test, ordeal; a religious ordeal or attestation; compurgation; compurgators; `test-tree,' tree of ordeal; aspen 5 right, due 6`truth of battle,' a just cause in fight; fair play (in combat), single combat; the truth (justice) of the F.; the word of a prince; justice of a ruler; fair fighting 7 veracious, true, just; a just judge; a just judgment; just , true rule; according to right procedure, as is meet; true, righteous judgment; true account; just wrath; veritable, genuine, real; the true God; heathen gods; genuine fury; the true neuters; a genuine friend; a veritable foe; a true cleric; the real God; a true, rightful prince; true King; exact; true, genuine or merely intens. downright, sheer; true smoothness; gentleness; a hearty welcome; true charity; scrutinizing; true love; intense thirst; real profit; a downright defeat; deep envy; selected (?) wheat; salmon; a salmon- weir; fresh milk; a spring; fresh water (opp. to brine), spring water 8 truly, genuinely, downright; very keen; perfectly round; quite certain; really poor; truly learned; just in judgment; truth-speaking; truly the best
fírda just , righteous
fírén, fírían Just , righteous
fírénach just , righteous
fírénaigid makes good, justifies; Verifies, confirms; Makes just
fírénta just , righteous
gnáth 1 customary, usual, familiar, well-known; acquainted with; usual with; A common epithet of the Gaels in poetry, familiar, dear (?); usually, habitually, always; chronic 2 custom, wont, usage; intimates, familiar friends; becomes customary; practises 3 ever-just; con- stant remembrance; tradition; attendants; retinue, standing household; an ordinary or well-known tale; accustomed hour; ever- pleased; frequented by salmon; gives constant service
indossa now, just now (ref. to immediate past or fut.)
inunn, in(n)onn 1 alike, equal, the same, identical, the one; that is to say; similar, same, identical; in the same way, alike, equally; the same (thing) as, just as; equal to; not as now; that is to say 2`one and the same,' identical
iressach, ir(i)sech 1 believing, faithful, pious; just , lawful, judicious, equitable 2a believer; one who is in good faith
3 má, ma 1 if; if . . . not, unless 2 if it is that, if so; if so, in that case, then; nevertheless; if it were not . . ., but for . . .; if it be thou; as for, with regard to; according to; up to this, hitherto; just now 3`but if', unless; even so, nevertheless; unless it be . . ., except, saving . . . only; unless indeed 4 unless; Scarcely, hardly; `it is little if', scarcely 5 whether
núa, núae 1 new, recent, fresh 2of persons in various senses young, fresh, lusty, vigorous, passing in later poetry into that of bright, fair 3of things, often fresh, clear, bright, fair 4 that which is new (fresh); Newness; Youth 5till lately; lately; anew, again; recently, just now 6new plantations; a new steading, settlement; a new court; a new moon; a new (recent) writer; a novice; a new translation 7in adverbial sense anew, afresh; freshly (lately) wounded; `new-made?' Gloss.; fair-formed?
1 rechtach just , equitable, law-giving
tairchert just , righteous (?)
trásta 1 now, forthwith 2 hitherto, so far; just now 3With re heretofore
1 uisse just , right, fitting