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aitire 1 hostage-suretyship 2 hostage-surety who guarantees the performance of an obligation with his own person and not (like the ráth) with his property; , guarantor 3 hostage
1 ben 1 woman; As dist. from a virgin; woman of the milking place, dairymaid; wife; kins- woman; embroidress; female, -ess, etc. 2 wife
2 brága captive, prisoner; hostage
gemlech 1a fettered person, a prisoner, a hostage 2of or belonging to fetters; fettered, captive; full-fettered; criminal ? cruel ?
2 gíall 1a human pledge, a hostage; hostage-cell (?); a jailer 2act of yielding homage, obeying
gíallacht hostage-ship, captivity
gíallachus hostage-ship
gíallán a little hostage , a pledgling
gíallnae 1 submission, hostageship, security 2a hostage-surety 3 pledges, hostages 4 Leg. technical term for status of a `dóerchéle' who has received `rath' (= stock) from a flaith or chief, and who thereby becomes dependent on him, being under his protection and bound to render him certain services
2 gillán a little hostage , a pledgling
gillchaide a hostage (?)
1 tar, dar 1 over, across, covering; across; Of covering with clay, burying; Of wearing, being covered by clothes; Of wearing a belt; seizes, takes hold of; a cross; over, across; Of crossing rivers, the sea; over the wall of a city, rim of a vessel, etc.; across; Hence in Laws Comm. of stranded persons, etc. alien, foreign; an hostage , pledge; past, around; astray; over- throws, upsets; past; misses, escapes; mentions, refers to, treats of; through, out of; through (clothes, etc.); back; appeal; on behalf of; from that forth; is imminent, falls due; past; after 2 in addition to, besides; in excess of; exceeds; excels; preference, comparison, distinction; excelling, surpassing, beyond; in preference to, rather than; Approximating to of in Eng. of all things, persons, etc., above all; in comparison with; distinguishes x from y; substitution; on behalf of, for the sake of (?); on behalf of; in return for; in violation of, against, generally governing a noun meaning law, treaty, etc.; transgresses (see also tairmthecht); against, in violation of; in spite of; yet nevertheless; by