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aerda pertaining to the air, aerial, light as air; Of mounting a horse
bellic, pellec a horse's bit, bridle
1 ben 1 woman; As dist. from a virgin; woman of the milking place, dairymaid; wife; kins- woman; embroidress; female, -ess, etc. 2 wife
benn 1 mountain, crag, peak, point; crest, summit; pre-eminent person; Transf. of outline of land 2 pinnacle, spire; gable; corner, etc. of building, structure, etc. ;; a high top, pinnacle; Hence in plant-name 3 wing of an army, fleet 4 horn of animal; (of a whale ?); a pledge given in respect of impounded cattle; a (buffalo) horn; hence drinking horn, goblet; Of musical instruments 5 prong, point (of various forked and pointed objects) 6 crest, diadem, etc. (of a helmet, head-dress, etc.); By metonymy (?) of a horse 7 yards; sail-tops; Of a shield; Of a garment; king of peaks (?), one of three classes of kings8 for ever (and ever) 9Freq. in nn. loc., usu. in senses point, peak, hill; In late use heed, attention, regard 10a steeple; tower; peaked crosses11 yellow-tubed; rugged-topped
1 blár (In poetic name of a horse ); Grey
1 bonn 1 sole of the foot; foot; ankles (?)2 hoof of horse; sole (of shoe); trunk; Of trees, hills, etc.
1 bráigdech horse-collar, halter
bróc shoe, sandal; greave (?); greaves, leggings, (long) hose, breeches (?); leggings (?); sandals (?); one shoe- strap; shoes; ( horse )shoe; hobbles
1 capall horse; freq. draught-horse; pack- horses
1 ceis horse-cloth
4 ces haunch (of meat) (?); flank; a rump-steak; a horse-steak; hams
cordus name of a disease of horse's sinews
1 cró 1 sty, stall, pen, fold; hut, cell, prison; Connaught; Ireland; Encircling band of weapons, persons, warriors, etc., hence bodyguard, troop, (line of) battle; raven'; socket, hoop (of lance), eye (of needle) etc.; tent for wound, surgical probe, later unhealed wound; horse-shoe; hoof 2 box, container 3 hereditary property, inheritance; house
cruë hoof; later horse-shoe
cursun horse , steed
dáistir 1he becomes mad, furious; of animals; of a horse; of a pig
díla steed, war- horse , saddle-horse
docerrdach name of a bad quality in a horse ;
Doriada of a horse; hard to ride
ech A horse (incl. mare or gelding) genly. of chariot or saddle-horse ,; the stallion; baggage-horse; an unbroken horse; a British (Welsh) horse; a winning horse; wooden horse; riding-horse; a water- horse (a goblin); crocodiles (?); horse-boy, groom (?); white of steeds, having white steeds; horse-mouth, horse-lipped; horse-headed; stallion; centaur, horse-mongrel; of swift steeds; horsecloth; rod, horsewhip; mounted on, or possessing swift steeds; tameness of steeds; great in steeds, rich in steeds; plant name, horse-clover; bridle; horse-thief; a horse-contest, horse-race
echaire horse-keeper, groom
echlas, echlais 1A horse-cloth (?) 2A shelter for horses or cattle; a stall
1 echlasc, echlaisc a horse-switch; a tethering post
echrais 1A horse-fair, race(?) 2A rapid movement, rush, sally, charge 3A resort, meeting-place (?); name of the king of Ulster's residence at Tara 4 Resting-place (?)
écht 1A slaying, slaughter; murder, manslaughter; a horse worth a blood price 2a slain person; casualty, loss (in battle); pity, grief, sorrow, mourning 3 Exploit, prowess, deed of valour; a feat, exploit, achieve- ment'4Of a hurt inflicted
elada, elatha 1 art, science, acquired craft or skill; literary or poetic art, or of minstrelsy; skill; of a particular craft or calling; studies, learns, teaches or practises a craft 2of applied skill in any art or craft; workmanship; Of horse- training; Of medical or surgical treatment 3 skill in deception, craft, cunning, wile 4an exhibition or specimen of skill, craftsmanship; Of a literary composition
est a horse
2 fell a horse
ferthain 1in physical sense, pouring, showering (both in intrans. and trans. sense); Hence rain; rains 2 horse-racing
2 fíad wild; Wild animals, game, esp. deer; wild animals; wild, savage; fallow deer; a red deer; a stag; wild horse; a wild cat, a forest cat; a wild pigeon; a crane; a wild boar; a wild horse; a herd of deer (or wild mares ?); wild lettuce; untilled plain; a wild animal (esp. of the deer kind); hares ?; a seal (?); sea-monster; a bog, swamp; wild pig; stock granted by a wanderer or outlaw; a wild apple, crab-apple
fochorsid epithet of a horse
1 fortche 1of a chariot, rug or cushion (?), often used in connection with forgemen; horse-rugs ?; shoe-leather (?)
1 gabair horse
2 gabor a horse (esp. a white one), a mare, mainly confined to poetic language; grey-horsed
gerr 1 short (of space or time);; a short time 2 castrated; a short horse , a gelding (?) 3? syncopated
1 gerrán a working horse , a nag, a gelding (?)
gilla 1a youth of an age to bear arms; one who has arrived at the third of the six ages of man2a male child, a boy 3Used of a pupil 4a servant, a gilly, a messenger; cup-bearers; grooms; a spear-gilly; sergeant (?); horse-boy; the boy who feeds the smith's furnace; a stud-groom, a stableman; a messenger
gillanrad youths, household, camp- followers, servants; horse-boys
gobar a horse
gobur a horse
grafand 1a horse race, a race 2 band of horsemen, drove of horses 3 noise, tumult 4 grunting, disagreeable noise
graifne horse-racing
graifnech fond of horse-racing ;; a rider
imm-réid rides or drives around, rides a horse; moves about
3 in-, 1 capable of being claimed; capable of acting as surety; fit to offer Mass; suitable for the offering of Mass; capable of giving battle; able to argue; fit for ploughing; arable land; capable of bearing arms; worthy of being recounted or men- tioned; fit to travel, capable of walking; As epithet of a messenger; capable of being recognised or acknowledged; capable of acting as a surety; fit to be in- habited; fit for a ghost; fit for (use as) a razor; fit for military service; liable to be bound ? liable to give a pledge or guarantee ?; `fit for a battle-field'; fit for a wedding-feast; capable of being censured, blame- worthy; fit for the axe; customary; capable of being, fit to be; fit for food ?; like a bow; capable of taking part in a conflict; fit to be reaped; eatable, proper to be eaten; capable of being cast; able to fight; worth fighting for ?; marriageable; worthy to be bought ?; capable of (committing) an offence ? responsible ?; able to help; worthy of protection; able to restrain or resist ?; capable of being traversed on foot; worthy of note; able to fight, a match (for); worthy of being boasted of; comparable; comparable; capable of giving combat, a match (for); fit to mate with, marriageable; fit to be to- gether with; comparable with Cc.; proper to be kept, to be held; able to defend; to be dwelt (in); capable of being sold, liable to be sold ?; fit for the yoke, marriageable; to be put, proper to be put, comparable; fit to be compared with Corc; fit to join a company (of warriors), able to fight; proper, peculiar; `giftworthy'; courteous, gallant; capable of being made, (proper) to be made, capable of performing; to be forgotten, for- gettable; resembling a pin ?; unlucky, unfortunate; (proper) to be gone, able to go, traversable; fit to perform feats, fit for military service; suitable for horse-contests ?; capable of wisdom; necessary; capable of valiant deeds; liable to be paid (as éric); suitable for tillage; to be refused; fit for military ser- vice, capable of efficient action; As subst. `service due to a chief'; fit to be a warrior; capable of watching over; capable of giving valid evidence'; fit for a poet; marriageable; fit for a prince; chief-becoming; fit for an outlaw; capable of being inhabited; a habitable residence; capable of inheriting family land; to be waited for, worthy to be waited for; endurable, permissable; to be main- tained; fit to be taken, (liable) to be taken; to be captured; worthy of acceptance; Of a prayer, to be recited; sick, diseased; fit to be named; fit for manure; tallowy; fit to be accepted as a pledge; later worthy, excellent:; capable of (warlike) action; capable of work; worthy of censure, blameworthy; `to be sought for'; fit to drink; able to pay; curable; proper to be inflicted; fit to contend with; fit to row upon; fit to set out, ready to set out; capable of being traversed; (a wound) requiring a tent; by trans- ference, the person on whom such a wound has been inflicted; a milch-cow, a cow in milk ?; fit for a hero, heroic; capable of bearing a calf ?; curable, able to profit by the treatment of a leech; curable; excusable; lion-like; profitable ?; capable of maintaining; fit to float on a lake; blame- worthy ?; worthy to receive a reward; worthy to be boasted of (see moídem); sea-worthy, fit to go to sea; (capable of) intoxicating; worthy of praise; teachable (?); marriageable; worthy of a warrior (of a woman, marriageable, attractive (?): of a man, manly); warrior-like; fit for an assembly, festive (of attire); drinkable, ready to be drunk; curable, able to benefit from medical treatment; capable of making an alliance; capable of marrying; visible; fit to be men- tioned, proper to be said, noteworthy; capable of undertaking suretyship'; fit to run; kingly, fit for a king; fit for kingship, eligible for kingship; worthy to be calculated; fit to be divided; fit to be trusted; like a knife ?; fit for separating, to be separated; fit to be strained ?; capable of hunting; suitable for seed ?, favourable to growth ?; worthy of peace, able to be reconciled; able to walk; able to fight, fit for military service; significant, worth mentioning; fit to be bound; fit for swimming in; able to bring happiness or good fortune; fit to be an example; capable of engaging in combat with; able to come; worthy of trust; worthy to be expounded; capable of going, to be gone, (fit) to be tra- versed; capable of severity ?, capable of giving battle ? (see 2 tend); able to emulate, to be desired, worthy to be loved; acceptable; permissable ?; worth coming; desirable; able to weigh; fit to contend; worthy to be sought after; fit for a journey; fit for sick-attendance 2 to be sued for; to be feared; fit to be reckoned, con- siderable; to be waited; habitable; proper to be; to be taken; to be considered; able to fight; to be disparaged; to be censured; fit to give battle; to be corrected; blameworthy; to be checked; equally to be esteemed ?; to be observed, to be kept; to be compared; credible, trustworthy; to be visited; to be put; capable of fighting; to be condemned; to be done, fit to be done; fit for the spreading of a couch in; to be blamed; fit to be cast, capable of being cast; to be expelled ?; (or perhaps under (a) fit to be enslaved; to be gone; to be feared; to be consented to; worthy to be looked at; to be accepted, acceptable; to be taken; acceptable; acceptable; requiring to be removed ?; irremovable; moveable; to be called; to be invoked; to be sought for; to be inflicted; edible; to be spoken; fit for lying on; legible; to be let, to be loosed; to be followed, to be pursued; worthy to be mentioned; (worthy) to be treasured ?; fit to be killed; capable of intoxicating; to be compared, to be thought likely, conceivable; worth boasting of; praiseworthy, commendable, requiring to be praised; capable of being taught; to be revealed; to be refused; to be said, capable of being said; to be subdued or disciplined; capable of being travelled; fit to be made king; to be avoided; `fit to be dwelt in'; to be considered; to be given; capable of being compared; (worthy) to be trusted; to be avoided; to be brought, to be given, to be applied or ascribed; to be understood
láir Mare, female of horse; Of she-ass; brood mare
leithriu 1Part of a harp or `timpán' to which the strings were attached 2 Part of a sling 3Part of a horse's fetter or spancel
lugaid epithet of a horse
marc a horse; A mare; a colt; a horse-comb; a horse-race
marclach A horse-load, load of a beast of burden; pack-horses; horsemen?
3 meile a horse , nag?; quern; querns; nags; steeds
merechduin madness or viciousness in a horse
1 midach 1a male horse , a stallion 2met. a champion, strong man, warrior
2 pell a horse
ragam name of a plant, horse-radish; sneezewort,
2 rón horse-hair; sackcloth
sadall a horse- saddle, caparison
1 sen 1 old money; an old woman; an old judgement, a precedent; old, original people; an old- standing offence; an old error; prudence; an old man; an old grievance; old (i.e. proven) horse; old English (i.e. Anglo-Normans); old vexation; a veteran; an ancient book, Scripture; original people; old, inverterate sin; a proverb; an experienced knight; an old person; matured bacon; old hard-cure; ancient legend; reciter of old tales; original document; an old family; early translation 2 yellow from age; proverbial; ever young, or perh., both old and young
slíasait 1the thigh; sexual intercourse; horse for riding, saddle- horse 2 side, ledge
stagún a stubborn horse
stailc name of a bad habit in a horse
stéd steed, horse
suma pack-horse
tétnas violence, roughness, fury; excitement, rustiness of a horse
tosach 1 beginning; Hence incipit, first line of poem 2 principle 3 precedence, first place 4 van, battlefront 5 front part; Of a ship; Of a horse 6 front, foremost 7 first, at first; at first; in the beginning
udaim horse-trapping, harness; instrument, implement, tool