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? fuiled

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ind some of the following may represent a late dental decl. of the pl. of fuil `blood' (cf. the adj. formation `fuiltech') ; some are evidently corrupt : na secht nime noebnara | fillfitir fodlaib f.¤ SR 8262 (g p. ?) Possibly = fuile, metri gr. see fuil. ni theilgset dáil na dliged | im ined Fáil co f.¤ (v.l. fuined BB, etc.) LL 10b17 (1215) . betit mnaa can a muntera | betit fir i fuledaib LL 48a10 seems = i fuilib, cf. fuil (b). ? ge ríus a less mo gorud | cen co mbé bess na ḟuiliud (? chuiriud) LL 163 marg. sup. fír gen fuileadh BB 62b1 = fuille LL 343a10 = ḟuillem, Tec. Corm. § 1.10 (perhaps true reading).