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aided 1violent death; dies a violent death; As the title of a class of stories 2act of killing 3In more general sense (unpleasant) fate, plight
as-luí 1 escapes (in physical sense); In more general sense escapes, absconds, goes off, decamps 2 absconds, evades; dies (?)
at-bail(l) Dies; vanishes, perishes, disappears; In legal sense lapses, is forfeit; dies
baïd dies
1 bás death; pledge, security for redemption from death (?), see gell.; death against a pillow i.e., natural death:; death by the sword; death in childbirth; dies; having a gentle death; grave- clothes; act of wounding fatally; deadly wound; death-bringing
1 cel concealment(?), dissolution, extinction, death; dies
claideb 1 tusk; beam
3 clí 1 body 2 bosom, heart 3(while) in the flesh, living; is born, takes flesh; dies
con-imchloí 1 changes, alters 2 changes for the worse, deteriorates, dies 3 interchanges, exchanges
daimid 1 Endures, suffers; holds out, goes on with; suffers = dies .; brooks, vouchsafes; stands, bears up against 2 Submits to a judgment, stands by, assents to a de- cision, accepts law3 Submits to, i.e. permits, admits of, lets 4 Allows, i.e. concedes, accords to, grants, yields.; to yield justice, cede law and right to
1 dath 1 Colouring matter, dye 2 Colour in general, a particular hue or tint; Brightness; Of gold; coloured; exquisite colours; various hues or colours 3Of the face or skin, complexion, hue; esp. beautiful complexion;; he changes colour, esp. turns pale; he dies; dies 45 Outward appearance, semblance of something, esp. what serves to conceal the truth; a disguise, a false show6 Degree, rank, order 7 nothing at all, not a bit8
2 díbaid 1 becomes extinct, dies out, perishes 2 destroys, annihilates, extinguishes
do-ba Dies; becomes extinct, lapses; Esp. (of persons) dies without issue, (of families) becomes extinct; In general sense dies , perishes
do-bádi 1 drowns, extinguishes; quenches, destroys, exterminates 2Intrans. is extinguished, dies out, becomes extinct (freq. in genealogies, etc. of families, cf. díbaid)
do-díbda 1 destroys, cuts off (?) 2 dies off, becomes extinct
do-esta 1 is absent, wanting, lacking; lacks; Esp. in computation where a number is indicated by sub- traction from a larger one 2 is over, has ended, has perished; Esp. of persons, dies , died 3is required, exacted
éc death; a natural death, a peaceful passing; dies , perishes; destructive plague
écaid dies
fo-bá dies , perishes
fo-epil dies , perishes
fo-gaib, fo-geib 1 finds, meets with, discovers (in a place); discovers 2 finds 3 gets, gains, obtains, procures 4 gets, induces (some one to do something) causes (something to be done)5 meets with, experi- ences, undergoes; dies 6 gets (an opportunity of doing), is able (usually with vn. obj.; cf. c, d).7 gets = spends, lives (through) 8 invents, devises 9`finds in oneself,' dares, pre- sumes (late) 10 imparts, communicates
foídid Sends; gives up the ghost, dies; throws off, develops; put
for-beba dies , perishes
íarmi-bebat dies afterwards ?
imm-téit 1 goes around, goes about, travels, sets forth, comes, goes (in general sense); goes away, departs; Fig. passes away, is lost; Fig. proceeds, walks (of manner of life); befalls, happens; has to do with, deals with; changes, varies; is lost, is done for; dies 2 circumambulates, travels on, traverses; goes about in the sense of encloses; in- cludes; goes round protectingly, guards
1 lann 1 Thin plate, layer; Of ornamental plate; trophy, award; Of shields, armour, etc. a panel, plate; fish-scales; cooking-plate, griddle 2 Blade, sword; polished, whetted blade; dies in battle
marbaid 1 kills, slays; Fig. mortifies; annuls, cancels 2legal term, alienates (property) in mortmain, amortises: 3exceptionally intrans. dies , is killed
*remi-ba dies before (the time), prematurely
soïd 1 turns, turns round; returns; changes; dies 2 turns; turns, changes, overthrows; turns, converts, perverts 3 leaves; turns towards; returns to; returns; overthrows, defeats; turns against; turns towards, returns to; turns against, attacks; changes, transforms x into y; turns away from; turns before, is defeated by
támaid dies
tamlaigid dies (of disease ?)
tarr, tairr 1 belly; side of bacon with hindquarters; carcass 2 attacks; at the base of, under; dies in childbirth
1 téit 1 proceeds, goes forward, turns out; goes away, departs; passes away, vanishes; yesterday; dies; continued 2 dies , perishes 3 goes upon, sets out on, etc.; Of sexual union; resorts to, indulges in, becomes subject to; is inflicted upon, comes upon (of misfortunes, etc.); is given to; is buried (?); y becomes liable for x; attacks, overcomes; x prevails over y; changes into, is exchanged for, becomes; x inspires, causes, gives rise to z in y; goes towards, for, etc.; goes out of, leaves; departs; escapes; elapses (of time), passes away, vanishes; dies; goes to, towards; Of marriage, sexual union; departs from, leaves, abandons; outstrips; surpassed; escapes from; x fails y, y fails to accomplish x; x fails; goes to, towards; `is gone thither' =has died; expressing purpose goes to, goes for the purpose of; dies; applies to; is given to; y succeeds in doing x; fares with, turns out for; suits, becomes; goes to communion; Goes between; comes to pass between (of quarrels, recon- ciliations, etc.); goes under; be lost; undergoes, submits to; dies by (the sword); goes towards, throughout; attacks, assails; set; éiric; goes towards, against; opposes; devotes oneself to, adopts, takes a certain course; guarantees, goes surety for; takes after, resembles; goes into, enters; embarked; penetrates, invades, attacks; goes into (of numbers, etc.), fits into; goes to, sets about, resorts to, indulges in (of actions and states of being); becomes; results in; x results in y for z; Gramm. ends in (of words); amalgamates with, is assimilated to (of sounds); goes with, accompanies; is let go (unpunished) with; x succeeds; pleases; goes from, departs from; be off; is sent (on an errand) by; outstrips; escapes from; gives up, forsakes; y is deprived of, loses x; goes before, precedes; goes on, fares forward; goes past, passes; goes over, across, past; overcomes, overwhelms; exceeds, surpasses; transgresses, violates (a law, etc.); becomes necessary for, becomes due; passes by, is omitted, lost, forgotten by; escaped; goes through
2 testaigid 1 is lacking, wanting 2 dies