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ag 1bovine animal, cow , ox 2 deer, stag; Somet. doe, hind.
1 aidech milch cow
baccat cow-dung
bennán 1a horned animal, cow; calf 2Of various horned or peaked objects
blegnach milch cow
Ox, cow; Of land; white red-eared cow; a stray cow; (`stag', Plummer MS. notes), perh. hind; a (beef-) cow levied as a due; beef-cow; name of a cattle- disease,; Cattle-Raid; cow-shed; lit. cow-rising; the beef; beef- lard; cow-grazier; cow-dung; corned beef (?); cow-hide; dower-kine; cattle-tracking; lit. host of cattle; cow house; cow dung; guardian
bóaire lit. cow-noble, stock-master, stock-owner; In Laws lowest of the three ancient divisions of rank in Irish law, , aire febe, b. `corresponding roughly to . . . `king, lord and commoner'; farmer; `divisions' of the b.; noble of kine; The b. is described as a man of hereditary property, with land to the extent of (the grazing of) ten cows; Of marriage contracts between children of the Féne grade (sc. the b. ) and those of the Flaith grade (sc. the aire feibe),
boibre name of a kind of fool; cow-behaviour
boinin little cow , calf
2 both hut, bothy, cot; cabin; cow-shed; bothies; hunting-bothy; Of oratories, cells, etc.; As place of resort for poetic composition; cabin; used in the sense of cottier tenants; sleeping-hut; a cooking-tent; military quarters
bóthar track, road (lit. ` cow- passage'; a stray cow
1 búaile 1 cow- house, byre; cattle-pen; (temporary) cattlefold, booley at times of summer pasturage; dockyard; pens, folds 2 yard, enclosure; paddock 3a palisade; fence
clithar, clethar 1 sheltering, protective; protectively, closely(?)2 shelter, covert, fastness; kenning for quert apple-tree in Bríatharogam; protection, shelter; Of a prince, protector, refuge; a milch-cow , an in-calf cow or a ploughing ox.
1 dairt 1A heifer of one year; Generally as a fine; Its value was one-sixth of a cow , i.e. four screpalls 2a young girl
2 dam A hind, a cow
2 deilech milch cow
delech having udders; milch-cow
4 erc a spotted or red-eared cow; a cow
ethait A bird, fowl; a winged creature; a living creature; a serpent, any venomous little creature; a cow; a beast
1 ferb(b) 1a cow (poetic word) 2a female deer, a hind
gamnach a `stripper,' a cow with a year-old calf
immirge, immirc(h)e 1 moving about, wandering, migrating, trekking, shifting (position) 2a moving body of men, a migrat- ing tribe or household, a band of emigrants, a wandering troop; Of moveable property, what is carried on an expedition or trekking, a drove, herd, flock; chattels; Of a single cow; Of prey in general, gold, jewels, etc.; Of birds
3 in-, 1 capable of being claimed; capable of acting as surety; fit to offer Mass; suitable for the offering of Mass; capable of giving battle; able to argue; fit for ploughing; arable land; capable of bearing arms; worthy of being recounted or men- tioned; fit to travel, capable of walking; As epithet of a messenger; capable of being recognised or acknowledged; capable of acting as a surety; fit to be in- habited; fit for a ghost; fit for (use as) a razor; fit for military service; liable to be bound ? liable to give a pledge or guarantee ?; `fit for a battle-field'; fit for a wedding-feast; capable of being censured, blame- worthy; fit for the axe; customary; capable of being, fit to be; fit for food ?; like a bow; capable of taking part in a conflict; fit to be reaped; eatable, proper to be eaten; capable of being cast; able to fight; worth fighting for ?; marriageable; worthy to be bought ?; capable of (committing) an offence ? responsible ?; able to help; worthy of protection; able to restrain or resist ?; capable of being traversed on foot; worthy of note; able to fight, a match (for); worthy of being boasted of; comparable; comparable; capable of giving combat, a match (for); fit to mate with, marriageable; fit to be to- gether with; comparable with Cc.; proper to be kept, to be held; able to defend; to be dwelt (in); capable of being sold, liable to be sold ?; fit for the yoke, marriageable; to be put, proper to be put, comparable; fit to be compared with Corc; fit to join a company (of warriors), able to fight; proper, peculiar; `giftworthy'; courteous, gallant; capable of being made, (proper) to be made, capable of performing; to be forgotten, for- gettable; resembling a pin ?; unlucky, unfortunate; (proper) to be gone, able to go, traversable; fit to perform feats, fit for military service; suitable for horse-contests ?; capable of wisdom; necessary; capable of valiant deeds; liable to be paid (as éric); suitable for tillage; to be refused; fit for military ser- vice, capable of efficient action; As subst. `service due to a chief'; fit to be a warrior; capable of watching over; capable of giving valid evidence'; fit for a poet; marriageable; fit for a prince; chief-becoming; fit for an outlaw; capable of being inhabited; a habitable residence; capable of inheriting family land; to be waited for, worthy to be waited for; endurable, permissable; to be main- tained; fit to be taken, (liable) to be taken; to be captured; worthy of acceptance; Of a prayer, to be recited; sick, diseased; fit to be named; fit for manure; tallowy; fit to be accepted as a pledge; later worthy, excellent:; capable of (warlike) action; capable of work; worthy of censure, blameworthy; `to be sought for'; fit to drink; able to pay; curable; proper to be inflicted; fit to contend with; fit to row upon; fit to set out, ready to set out; capable of being traversed; (a wound) requiring a tent; by trans- ference, the person on whom such a wound has been inflicted; a milch-cow , a cow in milk ?; fit for a hero, heroic; capable of bearing a calf ?; curable, able to profit by the treatment of a leech; curable; excusable; lion-like; profitable ?; capable of maintaining; fit to float on a lake; blame- worthy ?; worthy to receive a reward; worthy to be boasted of (see moídem); sea-worthy, fit to go to sea; (capable of) intoxicating; worthy of praise; teachable (?); marriageable; worthy of a warrior (of a woman, marriageable, attractive (?): of a man, manly); warrior-like; fit for an assembly, festive (of attire); drinkable, ready to be drunk; curable, able to benefit from medical treatment; capable of making an alliance; capable of marrying; visible; fit to be men- tioned, proper to be said, noteworthy; capable of undertaking suretyship'; fit to run; kingly, fit for a king; fit for kingship, eligible for kingship; worthy to be calculated; fit to be divided; fit to be trusted; like a knife ?; fit for separating, to be separated; fit to be strained ?; capable of hunting; suitable for seed ?, favourable to growth ?; worthy of peace, able to be reconciled; able to walk; able to fight, fit for military service; significant, worth mentioning; fit to be bound; fit for swimming in; able to bring happiness or good fortune; fit to be an example; capable of engaging in combat with; able to come; worthy of trust; worthy to be expounded; capable of going, to be gone, (fit) to be tra- versed; capable of severity ?, capable of giving battle ? (see 2 tend); able to emulate, to be desired, worthy to be loved; acceptable; permissable ?; worth coming; desirable; able to weigh; fit to contend; worthy to be sought after; fit for a journey; fit for sick-attendance 2 to be sued for; to be feared; fit to be reckoned, con- siderable; to be waited; habitable; proper to be; to be taken; to be considered; able to fight; to be disparaged; to be censured; fit to give battle; to be corrected; blameworthy; to be checked; equally to be esteemed ?; to be observed, to be kept; to be compared; credible, trustworthy; to be visited; to be put; capable of fighting; to be condemned; to be done, fit to be done; fit for the spreading of a couch in; to be blamed; fit to be cast, capable of being cast; to be expelled ?; (or perhaps under (a) fit to be enslaved; to be gone; to be feared; to be consented to; worthy to be looked at; to be accepted, acceptable; to be taken; acceptable; acceptable; requiring to be removed ?; irremovable; moveable; to be called; to be invoked; to be sought for; to be inflicted; edible; to be spoken; fit for lying on; legible; to be let, to be loosed; to be followed, to be pursued; worthy to be mentioned; (worthy) to be treasured ?; fit to be killed; capable of intoxicating; to be compared, to be thought likely, conceivable; worth boasting of; praiseworthy, commendable, requiring to be praised; capable of being taught; to be revealed; to be refused; to be said, capable of being said; to be subdued or disciplined; capable of being travelled; fit to be made king; to be avoided; `fit to be dwelt in'; to be considered; to be given; capable of being compared; (worthy) to be trusted; to be avoided; to be brought, to be given, to be applied or ascribed; to be understood
indesc a milch-cow ?
1 lacht milk, partic. cow's milk
1 ligid licks; Of lock of hair on forehead known as cow('s) lick
lulgach Milch-cow
1 mainches a nun; an ox-nun (i.e. cow )
2 mart an ox or cow slaughtered for meat, an ox- ( cow -) carcass, and by extension a living ox or cow; beef
med 1a balance for weighing; Fig. of a judge 2a weight, measure 3 extent, amount (of land)4 a counterpoise and hence fig. an equal, match 5 measure, means, expedient (late use) 6(a kenning for the letter g, = cow-balance?
nuidlech a cow after calving, a milch-cow
nús Beistings, milk of a newly calved cow; `beistings'; freshness, early youth
oladh a cow
segamlaid milk-producer; kenning for a milch-cow (?)
sesc, seisc 1 dry, barren, unproductive 2a dry cow
soilbech a cow in good milk
tarbchad some defect in a cow
treláeg a cow which has had three calves
triphnecht state of having three teats (defect in a cow )