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baircne pet cat (?)
bíast, béist (Wild) beast, monster (on applications see píast); Of fabulous monsters, dragons, water-monsters, etc.; (of magical monstrous cat ); vermin; monster-cat
breóán purring (?); a cat
breo(in)ne a type of cat
caipist cat
catt cat; kitten,; vulva (?); Cat-heads
cruibne a type of cat
2 fíad wild; Wild animals, game, esp. deer; wild animals; wild, savage; fallow deer; a red deer; a stag; wild horse; a wild cat , a forest cat; a wild pigeon; a crane; a wild boar; a wild horse; a herd of deer (or wild mares ?); wild lettuce; untilled plain; a wild animal (esp. of the deer kind); hares ?; a seal (?); sea-monster; a bog, swamp; wild pig; stock granted by a wanderer or outlaw; a wild apple, crab-apple
1 folum a type of cat (? bare, unprotected)
2 íach a type of cat
meoinne a type of cat
murchat a sea-cat ?
3 rincne a type of cat , a children's cat
utmall un- stable, restless, uncertain; mobile, quick; uncertain (in disposition), fickle; of locusts; of a cat; mobile, quick; Of counsel, deliberation; Of horses