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barrán tops of trees and flowers, bush; head of hair
1 búas 1 stream, flow, gush (of water) 2 poetry expld. as art, knowledge
cráeb 1 branch, bough; sprig; rod, wand; post; . Poss. w.r.t. bracken or heather branches or perhaps a wooden (or wickerwork) bed-frame; olive-branch; signpost 2 tree, bush; out of doors, in the open(?); mad, crazy 3Of persons; Of locks of hair; Of a branched wand or staff from which bells were sus- pended; branching decorative work, arabesque; Of waves; pedigree, genealogy, descent, branch of a family tree; scion; pedigree
1 dag good.; evil, bad; well; good, noble, intensive very; a good counsel; good merit, well-deservingness; a good metre; a good repentance; good fosterage; well-armed; a good fight; a good woman, a lady; a good custom; good behaviour, morality; good food; a good year; sweet-smelling; of good words; a good race; a good offspring; a good cook; a good counsel; a good adviser; a good heart, generosity; a good gift, poem, art; good and comely; good god; a good pair; a good bush; a good man, a brave man, a nobleman, a righteous man; a good (i.e. heavy) load; good rising-up; brave Eogan; well-informed; a good mulct; good use; a nobleman, a gentleman, a brave; good and modest; very fair; great wealth; good instruction; a good teacher.; a good deed; a doughty deed; valiant deeds; a good fence; a right, proper request; a good intention; a good daughter; very strange; a brave hero; good profit, especial weal; good time; a good price; a good son or boy; benefit; hilarity, jollity; a good mind; very big; a good security; good and bashful; good heaven; a brave hero; a goodly youth, a brave warrior; a good virgin; a good teacher; speaking well of; a good security; a good stanza; good grace or luck, full prosperity; well-trained; a good eye (of sight); a good resolution, purpose, a good end; majestic, sublime; good luck; good profit; a good illumination; very quick, active, expert; vigour; a goodly land; abounding in fruit; a good third; a good union; a goodly dwelling; good material, one well fitted to be; well informed; a noble nature, benevolence; a favourable sign; a good earner; a good foster-father; a good teacher; good education, good teaching.; a good knowledge; good repentance; a worthy imitation; a brave hireling soldier; good and wonderful, specially wonderful; a goodly protection; well-armed; a good armament; very brave; a good house; good milk; a good vassal; a good father; goodly patrimony; a good confession; a good fight; a good village, a good steading; a happy death; good speech; virtuous; virtuous; a virtuous life; a comfortable existence; good fame; a good taste; savoury; a good odour; a good brotherhood; a good victory; a violent beating; deep yellow; a good host; very brave; a good friendship; fully skilled; a good hive; a good decision; a good board; a good reputation, good fame; of good renown; very helpful (of God); good protection; a good protection; good comradeship; a good communion; a good sale; good hearted; a noble suit; very strong; a good meeting; a good colour; well-coloured; a hard fight; a good shape; well-made; well-built; good building, shape; comeliness; very abundant; a good revenge; a good protection; a good right, a good reason; very close; a good hand; a goodly sorrow; used of Easter Sunday; a good fist; a good troop; good and shrewd; a good way; a good fortress; good hospitality; generous; good Ireland; a doughty deed; a good knowledge; goodly wisdom; sharp-edged; reverence; a good hedge or fence; a good festival; a goodly appearance; a good sound; a good agreement, bond.; good pleasure; a good evidence, testimony; very long; a good answer; a good birth; a propitious incident; a good, proper entreaty; affable; well-spoken; good heroes of valour; embroidery; handy, dexterous; good spear-casting; dexterous; handy, skilful (in embroidery); handiwork, embroidery; a good bed; resplendent; a good (i.e. high) number; a good drink.; his faithful followers; very beautiful; very good; a nobleman; a good ensign; courageous; very intoxicating; good and gentle; very early; a good praising; a good pig; goodly folk; great courage, pride; a good poem; good strength; a good custom; a good shout; good and fresh; a good warrior; good beauty; very attentive; good ordination; a good drink; a good work; a good service; well-ordered; wide open; good penance; a good quarter (of a year); a good law; good and smooth; a good king; a good queen; a good constellation; a good running; a good sovran; well-composed books; a good likeness; good news; precious treasure; a good or noble seed; good weather; a valiant host; well sewn; a good giving; a good argument; well-established; faithful, trusty; a good talent; a good death; a good speaker, advocate; well-spoken; very strong; a good asylum; a good gift; a good service; a goodly gift; a good chief; a good multitude; a goodly tribe; very heavy; good pay or wages; a good load; a brave Ulsterman; a proper service; I break well; I arrange well; I shape well; I avenge fully; I know well; I serve well; I give good advice; I direct well; I establish firmly; I separate well; I present well; I deserve well
Dall-muine Blind bush
1 dos 1 tree; Copse, thicket; foliage 2 protector, one who gives shelter or defence, champion, superior; tree of shelter (common epithet of a hero) 3 a mass (?); tassels
dosach bushy, compact; having many branches or thick foliage (of trees); branching; leafy, bush-bearing
dosán small bush or branch; an ivy-bush
dris bramble, briar, thorn-bush
fíadair bush , heath (?)
fúalascach small branches, twigs, osiers (coll.); a bush , brake or thicket; branches; shrubs
iphín, ifín 1name of a tree with edible berries, a goose- berry bush ? 2name of the diphthong io in the Ogham alphabet, any diphthong beginning with i, the vowel i when medial; diphthongs and triphthongs beginning with the letter i
mothlach rough, shaggy, hirsute; shaggy; a fleece, a bush of hair, shag, or fur
1 muine A brake or thicket, generally applied to thorn-brakes or bushes, occas. of groves of trees.; a willow- grove; Fig. of an armed band; Of a thicket as affording shelter or secrecy; a bush- strumpet; a bastard; a protection, shelter; Of bushy hair (?); Cowherds' Brake; St. David's
1 onn 1the pine-tree; fir-cones or pine-kernels?2the furze-bush; ash
pin 1name of a tree or bush with edible berries; pine, gooseberry and rowan 2name of the Ogham letter p
rúb a bush
scé A thorn bush , whitethorn
spín 1 thorn, also as collect. thorns.; crown of thorns 2a thorn bush; wild rose (?)
tom 1 bush , tuft; tuft of hair, mole (?) 2 hillock, knoll
4 tor bush