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arm 1 armour, battle-equipment, panoply,; a shield 2 weapon 3 army 4 accoutrements; armoury, arsenal; warlike attempt, expedition 5 wounded by weapons
athargab arm (s), weapon(s); wounding, slaughter, etc.; syncope
baccán hook; applied to a variety of hook-shaped or angled objects; Of bend of arm , leg, etc. (cf. 1 bacc); some part of the liver (?)
brac Expld. as arm , hand; leggings
buinne 1 torrent, flood; stream, current, wave; a gush (of water); Of feeling, emotion; Of blood; Of fire, flames; diarrhœa, flux; pus 2 sprig, sprout, stalk; sapling, etc.; branch; beam; spout, pipe; Of parts of body tibia; Of musical instrument; pipe 3 circlet, ( arm -)ring, bracelet 4Of building structure, wattle, wickerwork, etc.; Of vessel, receptacle; welt' (of shoe); rigging (?)
1 doé 1 The upper arm from shoulder to elbow, humerus (oppd. to lám arm in general and rig forearm) 2By extension the arm 3 hand; handfuls (?); a knocker
1 fail, foil A ring, an arm-ring or bracelet; A torque (?); ouches, clasps; Of handle of vessel; the bellshaped cup; circuit, enclosure; a vessel having a ring-shaped handle
farc an arm , hand
1 fer 1a man (as opp. to a woman) 2 a husband (opp. to ben `wife') 3 churchmen; a tribesman, relative; a king's bedfellow; `per- petrator' (operator); a companion; the traitor; a man of violence; to denote an occupation or calling (often in stereotyped phrases; a watchman; a fosterer; miller (?); grinder (?); a standard-bearer; visionary; a craftsman; a poet; lawyer; churchman; a hunter; serving-man; spy; an Interpreter; a deputy;; a professor; lector; miller; dispenser, butler; diviner; plough- man; a lover; a teacher; a husbandman, house-holder; host; husbandmen; a candle- bearer, acolyte; lawgiver; owner, possessor 4in pl. folld. by gen. of place, inhabitants; men of the sídhe, elves 5 chessman; Of a drinking-horn:; Of a bird; Of a fish; a salmon; ivy- men' (some kind of bird ? see eidenn)6in gramm., person 7pertaining to a man or men, intended for a man, manly
gabul 1a fork; some sort of a tool, pincers (?) 2a forked branch of a tree; a bough direct from the trunk 3the fork of a gallows, a gibbet 4(forked ?) beam, support or shaft (for diverse uses); a beam, a rafter (of a house); a support (a crook ?) for hanging a cauldron; a pillar;; a prop, an undersetting; Fig. upholder; yards (?) of a sail; a weapon, a pronged spear (?) 5the fork of the body, the thighs 6a bifurcation or angle in a glen, pass, etc.; the spit of land between two rivers (?) 7a branch of a river, an arm or inlet of the sea forming a creek or river estuary 8Fig. a branch or ramification of a family; of a genea- logical tree 9a branch or division of a subject 10
lám 1 hand; expels; arm; Of the hand used in measuring length; Of the whole arm as measure; spectator 2 prowess, valour, accomplishment; might; control, power; upper hand, conquering arm; active part in crime 3 undertakes; act of undertaking; an undertaking certain of success; proposes, attempts; Of course of action undertakes; enjoins upon; petitions; practises violence on; operates on; act of avoiding, renouncing; beside; along by; compared with; refuses, rejects; Of renunciation of world, sin, etc; excepts; accepts the protection of someone; shakes hands; reserve force; manipulates; helps; help, assistance to; takes possession of; violates, disobeys 4 liberates from; undertakes; goes to communion; receives confirmation; in the power of, at the discretion of; subordinate to; swearing; beside x; Hence of possession, control; places at the disposal of; on behalf of, deputizing for; captive, subservient (to); In oaths by; in spite of5from hand to hand; equally balanced; together, unanimously; secretly; side by side; one and all; on either side
marb 1 dead; (subst.) a dead person; in religious lit. often fig. in sense either mortified, insensible, or spiritually dead; All Souls' day; a coffin 2 dying; on the point of death 3to die 4 exhausted; stagnant pool; deadly; deadly, fatal 5 dead-body-fine', fine for a fatal injury; dead stock', property of the dead; carcasses of the cattle; dead chattels' i.e. inanimate possessions; dead property; dead wealth'; claims on a dead man's estate?; a death-due; death-benefits; food-dues paid in dead cattle; service due to chief after his death, such as attending his funeral; dead, pertaining to the dead, inanimate:; death-dirge; dead fleece', covering of the dead:; a woollen shroud; blood of a dead person, gore; a lifeless thing; lifeless booty; swathings of a corpse; a grave-stone; a standing pool; stagnant water 6 faint-hearted; having a withered arm
2 rach a fore-arm
1 rig The fore-arm from wrist to elbow