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1 achta(ig)id drives
ailléid(ig)id alludes to, quotes
airláthr(aig)id arranges, ordains
áithcheó(id)id contradicts, opposes
aitit(ig)id acknowledged
1 athchuing(id) requests, solicits.
báetha(ig)id I talk like a fool
balba(ig)id 1 silences, stills; strikes dumb 2 falls silent
bána(ig)id 12 lays waste
breó(a)id 1 burns 2 enfeebles, weakens, injures, crushes (cf. 1 bruïd)
bris(s)id 1 breaks, smashes; destroys; gl. benaid, bronnaid, con-boing; wrecked; Of bread breaks (into parts); cuts up; Of inflicting physical injury breaks, fractures; injures (bones, limbs, etc.); defeats, puts to rout; overthrows; gl. maidid, sroínaid. Absol. and with FOR (AR) usu. with obj. cath, irgal, etc. Also with DI; Of an oath, pledge, justice, etc. breaks, violates, trans- gresses with prep. FOR (AR) prec. indirect obj. 2 breaks; breaks down, fails, comes to an end
carna(ig)id heaps, piles up
cíapa(ig)id torments
clois(t)id hears, listens
cnúasa(ig)id collects, gathers, gleans
coirt(ig)id tans; cures
comarda(ig)id 1 makes even, adjusts, arranges 2to adjust, balance, set off one claim against another; assigns, appoints
comartha(ig)id signs, marks (out), indicates
comdlútha(ig)id condenses, combines, makes com- pact
com(ḟ)oics(ig)id(ir) approaches, comes near to; brings near (trans.)
comḟurtachta(ig)id med. helps, comforts, relieves
comláithr(ig)id is exacted from an accessory(?)
comlán(aig)id fulfils, completes
comnerta(ig)id strengthens; confirms
comríara(ig)id attends on, provides for
comthroma(ig)id makes equal, balances, weighs
coróna(ig)id 1 tonsures 2 crowns
cosmail(ig)id(ir) likens, compares, resembles
credba(ig)id shrinks, consumes, gnaws; coagulated (?)
crisla(ig)id girds
crúad(aig)id hardens, stiffens
crutha(ig)id 1 creates, shapes, forms, produces 2 proves, establishes; prove
cumachta(ig)id(ir) rules, is powerful
dímicn(ig)id despises, condemns, disparages
diúlta(ig)id refuses, rejects
dóchusa(ig)id 1 hopes, expects, deems likely 2 inspires with hope
etil(l)id flies
étla(id) 1 Steals away, escapes, makes off 2 betakes oneself stealthily 3 steals away, takes away
féc(c)id looks at, beholds
fes(s)id spends the night, stops (in a place), remains
foléim(m)id jumps, hops
1 id 1a hoop-shaped object, a withe (bound around some object); Of the withe put round an anvil when distraining on a smith 2a fetter, a chain, a spancel; a spancel, a shackle between the forefeet; the long spancel (i.e. hindfoot to forefoot)3a collar 4a ring; ringlet, curl
1 íd ides
itg(a)id requests, beseeches
laca(ig)id 1 weakens; Of bonds, reins etc. slackens; loosens the bowels 2 grows weak, feeble
lóin(n)id provides, makes provision
lúatha(ig)id 1 hurries, makes haste, goes faster 2 causes to hasten, accelerates, expedites; quickens one's strokes, fights more vigorously
réim(m)id declines
remḟis(s)id one who has foreknowledge
sídaig(th)id a peacemaker, mediator, recon- ciler
tadbais(t)id shows, declares
tarnochta(ig)id lays bare, deprives of
toisc(h)id 1 need, necessary business
ur(a)id last year