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1 airde 1 sign, token; Special sign, portent. Of the last day; miracles; Sign, symptom; signs of death 2 characteristic, quality
athlá second day; postpones, defers
bág 1 boast, threat, promise, undertaking, declaration; boasting 2 fight, contest, striving; act of contending, etc.; defending (?); day of battle; a day's fighting 3 warlike qualities (?), boldness
bárach 1 tomorrow 2the next day , on the morrow
Bel(l)taine time of the beginning of summer; May; first of May; `May- day ',
caidchi 1 till night, throughout the day; till night 2 continually, always, henceforth, ever
callann 1 calends, first day of month 2 annal, entry for a year
céitemain May( day )
cingtid fifth day before the Ides
cóiced 1 fifth; fifteenth ( day of month); One of five 2A fifth part, one fifth; one of the `five fifths' of Ireland, province
comainm 1(additional) name, cognomen (freq. not different in meaning from ainmm); synonym 2(a person of the) same name 3 namesake 4 anniversary, yearly, weekly, etc. recurrence of any day or date
1 cor 1act of putting, placing; setting up2act of throwing, casting; performing; whirlwind 3act of letting go, discarding 4 leap, twist; throw 5 twist, coil 6 twist, detour, circuit in road, etc. 7 tune, melody 8 power over9 contract; act of putting; not properly verbal as oppd. to written contract; bond, bargain, agree- ment, guarantee, undertaking; request; marriage-contract 10 surety, guarantor; guarantee(s), undertaking, term(s) 11Of trees etc. (us. transl. planted) 12act of overthrowing, defeating; defeat, reverse 13 state, condition, plight 14act of tiring; tiredness, fatigue 15 all day long, the livelong day
dálach 1 Holding assemblies, frequenting meetings 2 Multitudinous, accompanied by many followers.3a day for holding meetings; a week- day
dardóin 1on Thursday; on the fifth day , on Thursday; on Maundy-Thursday 2 Ascension Thursday
dead 1 End, conclusion, utmost limit; the end of the day , the evening; the conclusion of a book, a psalm, a chapter; Auslaut, the end of a word, as opposed to tossach `Anlaut'2to the end, always; last, after verba movendi; after, following after; after, in succession to; thereafter, thereupon; after; to follow; to approach; decaying; follow with intent to overtake, pursue; to pursue; to throw after; to call, shout after; to be after, i.e. to seek, to look for, try to get, pursue.; to be left, spared; I drag or trail after me; after; behind; since; bind': to bind or fix sth. to a thing in motion; headlong; to go to the bad; at last, in the end, ultimately; at last, at length; thereupon; last, i.e. at the end, in the rear; finally; in what follows, below 3 Last milking; Last prince or ruler
dedól The morning twilight, the dawn, day- break
1 dee a day
3 día day; always; by day , in daytime; Doomsday; Sunday; till Doomsday; at samain-tide
domnach 1 Sunday, the Lord's day; dominical letter; Whitsunday (Pentecost); Palm Sunday; Sunday preceding Lent 2 church 3Name of a shrine or gospel-case (so called from fancied resemblance to a church?); Name of a brake or thicket; Sabbath-breaker
etarlaithide between day-times
féil A festival, feast-day (almost exclusively of religious festivals); Rarely of a secular or pagan festival
1 fer 1a man (as opp. to a woman) 2 a husband (opp. to ben `wife') 3 churchmen; a tribesman, relative; a king's bedfellow; `per- petrator' (operator); a companion; the traitor; a man of violence; to denote an occupation or calling (often in stereotyped phrases; a watchman; a fosterer; miller (?); grinder (?); a standard-bearer; visionary; a craftsman; a poet; lawyer; churchman; a hunter; serving-man; spy; an Interpreter; a deputy;; a professor; lector; miller; dispenser, butler; diviner; plough- man; a lover; a teacher; a husbandman, house-holder; host; husbandmen; a candle- bearer, acolyte; lawgiver; owner, possessor 4in pl. folld. by gen. of place, inhabitants; men of the sídhe, elves 5 chessman; Of a drinking-horn:; Of a bird; Of a fish; a salmon; ivy- men' (some kind of bird ? see eidenn)6in gramm., person 7pertaining to a man or men, intended for a man, manly
fri 1 towards, facing, turned to; against (touching; cf. d); alongside, down along, by; against; next to, at, in contact with 2To express association, along with, beside 3to express direction of feelings, behaviour towards (cf. I a);; to; of opposition to, hostile feeling, attitude towards; to express protection, guard, watch against, also limitation, boundary;4to express difference, distinction from 5 with respect to, with regard to; on account of; on behalf of; according to, in agreement with (cf. II).6 in the opinion of 7 through, by means of 8 before 9 towards, facing, turned to; against (touching), alongside, down along by; In local sense of attached to or pending from; against; next to, at 10To express association, along with, beside (of local or mental relations, cf. V d); Passing into sense in addition to; moreover, besides; with 11 antici- pating, forestalling; to express direction of feelings; behaviour towards,; of prayer, etc. to; of hostile feeling, attitude, conduct towards; To express protection, guard, defence, watch against; but perh. FRI here = because of; see V b 12to express difference, distinction from 13 with respect to, with regard to (cf. III c); on account of (cf. VI b); on behalf of; according to; in agreement with, with pers. somet. = in obedience to 14to be at, engaged in or about to engage in (some occu- pation, process; cf. III a); denoting the occasion (event, cause, etc.) on or from which something takes place15To denote mental subjective attitude, in the opinion of 16 by; to denote instrument, through, by means of, by dint of 17 by day , in the day-time; by night; before; bare, exposed, uncovered
2 fuine sunset; end (of day or part of it)
1 gaim winter-storm, winter; winter-food; winter-Lent; winter-grass; winter hair; winter grazing; a winter's day; a winter-stall; winter-lightning; winter- trespass (?); winter-rye
2 íar end, hinder part; end, back, west; the end of the day ? evening?
imbolc, óimelc the name of the pagan festival celebrated on the first day of Spring; Candlemas
iúger a measure of land, one day's ploughing of land
1 day , daylight; yesterday, to-day , next day , etc.; Day of Judgement; Denoting point of time; daily; once upon a time; one day; seeing that; since; when; while
1 lés 1 light, radiance; light of the day; of the sky; daylight; night-time; illumina- tion (of the mind) (?) 2 window or opening to admit light 3 flush, blush or burning spot on a person's face caused by being satirized
líth 1 festival, feast-day; festivity, entertainment, rejoicing 2 luck, prosperity; omen 3 pleases; it is bad luck; alas
lúaithred 1 ashes; Of Ash Wednes- day 2 dust; Of persons, bodies, etc.
1 lúan 1 moon 2 Monday; Monday; Shrove Monday; doomsday, day of judgement; doomsday
marb 1 dead; (subst.) a dead person; in religious lit. often fig. in sense either mortified, insensible, or spiritually dead; All Souls' day; a coffin 2 dying; on the point of death 3to die 4 exhausted; stagnant pool; deadly; deadly, fatal 5 dead-body-fine', fine for a fatal injury; dead stock', property of the dead; carcasses of the cattle; dead chattels' i.e. inanimate possessions; dead property; dead wealth'; claims on a dead man's estate?; a death-due; death-benefits; food-dues paid in dead cattle; service due to chief after his death, such as attending his funeral; dead, pertaining to the dead, inanimate:; death-dirge; dead fleece', covering of the dead:; a woollen shroud; blood of a dead person, gore; a lifeless thing; lifeless booty; swathings of a corpse; a grave-stone; a standing pool; stagnant water 6 faint-hearted; having a withered arm
A month; every month, monthly; (this) day month, a month hence
moch 1 ancient 2 early, betimes 3 early; prompt, speedy, occas. pre- mature; early dawn; speedy expulsion; early rising; early (premature) declineor extinction; premature greyness; an untimely grave; eat- ing early; early hour or time of day , generally as adv.; at dawn 4 impetuous; early-rising; fond of eating early; matutinal; short-lived; matutinal
notlaic Christmas; Christmas day , either alone or in expression n. mór great Christmas, in distinction from n. becc (stéille) little Christmas (C. of the star), i.e. the Epiphany; in these expres- sions the adj. is often undeclined.
obuid a (saint's) death-day , an obit
oll 1 vast, great; great fame; a great fifth; one of the major provinces of Ireland; the fifth day of the moon; a great guest or visitor; big-fisted
prid the day before
1 prím prime, the first day or quarter of the moon
1 saíre 1 freedom, liberty; nobility (of race, character, etc.) 2 privileges, immunity, etc., enjoyed by members of the free classes, churches, etc.; exemption, period of exemption 3 holy day , saint's day , church festival, holiday
samain The first of November, the festival held on that date, in relig. contexts All Saints' Day , All Hallows.
2 síd, síth 1 peace, goodwill, peaceableness; a state of peace; a period of peace, a truce; terms of peace; peacemaking, pacification, conciliation; makes peace; a peacemaker, a maintainer of peace; at peace (with); act of pacifying, keeping the peace 2a peace-offering, compensation, atonement, indemnity; compact of peace; peace-conditions; by the appeasing power of3 pardon, forgiveness 4 peace, quietness, stillness
sollumun high-day , festival; a time of festival
taisbénad 1 showing, displaying, exhibiting; Revelation Day 2 military display, review 3Of feasts displaying, setting out, preparing (?) 4 expounding, showing know- ledge of, demonstrating 5 vision, apparition; the Book of Revelations 6 sight; exhibits; representation
tinól 1act of collecting, gathering; constipation (?)2 an (armed) assembly; band, company; the day of Judgment 3that part of the marriage contribution which consisted of cattle (opposed to tinchor q.v.
1 tiug last; latter end ?; last utterance ?; final con- tention; last command; last farewell; last sleep; last tryst, death; last prince; end of rule; last resting place; last day of life; grave, tomb; death; final madness ?; last stanza; last sage; last wish
tráth 1 period of time, hour, point of time; day .; three full days; until the same time the next day; canonical hour; oratory; canonical hour of none; evening; in the evening; it is time to ... 2 when 3 moreover
tremdid the next day