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n (bán + 1 apad) lit. white notice. Term for an offence or notice of an offence appar. less serious than that termed dergapad, bánapad seemingly being to feed and shelter one whose proscription for a crime committed by him is not known to the harbourer while in the case of dergapad the harbourer does know of the proscription. ma iar ndenam foghla . . . is lethfiach inn; gin urogra andso. Madh iar nurfogra . . . is a fegadh an dergapa[d], no in banapa[d], O'C. 2535 ( Eg. 88, 44c). se ba gu nuingi for nech biathas fer nurfocra tar crich .i. cumal ban-aba[i]dh so a lesugh[ad] ┐ a comairlegadh anurraid, Laws iii 388.2 Comm. in cumal banapaidh fil i mbiathad do mic . . . tar sarugadh, i 166.14 Comm. cach cin dodena tar banapad oc in fir fine is a trian fair, iii 60.9 Comm. Cf. deithbir itir in mban-apadh ┐ in derg-apadh. . . . In ban-apadh in biathadh ┐ in ditiu re ndénum cinad. In derg-apadh .i. in biathad ┐ in ditiu iar ndenum cinad, O'D. 969 (H. 3. 17, 679b). Cf. also O'Donovan, Laws iii 60 n. 1 : ` "banapadh" occurs when a man is pro- claimed and the friend who entertains him does not know it.'