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n a name of the `drisiuc' poet (before ordination , Plummer MS. notes) : ce hé in gradh filed is comór eneclann riana uirned a ngradh ┐ iarna uirneth? .nī. in drisic ┐ teiscin .i. in tinnscetlaid .i. is cutruma a eneclann in tan is tinnscetlaid ┐ in tan is drisiuc .i. in tan is gradh; ┐ deismerecht air. eneclann teiscin is cuma fri drisic .i. uair is é in drisic féin sin 'what is the poetic grade whose honour-price is the same both before being appointed to a grade and afterwards? Not difficult, the drisiuc and teiscin, i.e. the beginner, i.e. his honour-price is the same when he is a beginner and when he is a drisiuc, i.e. when he has a grade; and an example if it: the honour-price of a teiscin is the same as that of a drisiuc, i.e. since that person is the drisiuc himself' CIH iii 1086.14 , UR 25 . Cf. ? teisctiu.