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Forms: siosán

n m.(Lat. ptĭsăna)

(a) barley-water : tisanum ordi .i. s.¤ na heorna, C iv 2, 32rb12 . maille re sugh cruithneachta no maille re siosan eorna, 23 K 42, 329.2 . uisgi eórna no s.¤ arna sgagad, Rosa Ang. 86.2 . curob é in s.¤ biadh is ferr don lucht aca mbí coimplex te tirim, 8 .

(b) applied to an infusion of other ingredients (? in addition to barley): dentur s.¤ ina mberbtar sal cuach ┐ adhund, Rosa Ang. 220.10 . `siosán a decoction', O'R.