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n room, interior space : in follg. exx. appar. used of the hold or interior of a sailing-vessel. rainic a cenn ┐ a colann i rumh na rata . . . i raibhe, CCath. 2814 . ro tuitsetar . . . i ruma na rat[h]a, 2838 ; `on the floor of the raft' Stokes in both exx., deriving it from O.N. and A.S. rúm; the ratis of Lucan rendered in Irish by raith seems to have been rather a flat-bottomed boat or punt than a raft (see the description in Luc. Phars. iv 420 fg. ). ruchtgal na rúm ica ruth, LL 236a16 ( TTr. 1419 , `the rumbling of the hawsers'?). ro suidighset a longa . . . ┐ ro lasat a rama uili ina rumaib `put all their oars in their places' (? holds ), Aen. 985 .