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n f.

Perh. = pín.

(a) name of a tree or bush with edible berries , in the Auraic. somet. identified with ifin (iphin). pin . . . isin caill. De atbertar caera pinne, Auraic. 5524 (`pine . . . gooseberries', Calder, but the nom. and gen. seem to refer to the same tree or shrub). millsem feda .i. pin . . . [ar is don chrunn dianid ainm pin is ainm millsium feda.] De atbertar caera pinne, 5608 - 9 . amram blais .i. pin no ifin, 5666 . ipin .i. spinan no spin, et dicitur millsim fedha pin .i. caor, 4305 . pin: millsem fedho .i. spín, Anecd. iii 44.5 ; 45.3 . Calder gives the mean- ings pine, gooseberry and rowan in Auraic. Gloss.

(b) name of the Ogham letter p : pin ar p atā, Auraic. 1365 , cf. 4507 .