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Forms: Odrán

n o,m. dim. of odor. As name of a drinking-horn: Odhrán ind óir, Acall. 138. As npr. m. Odrán (name of Patrick's charioteer), Trip. 218.6 . Odran o Disiurt Ódrain, 266.1 . Odrán sab sóer snámach, Fél. Oct. 27 , with Comm.: Odran o Letraigh Odrain . . . nó i Gair meic Moga ata .i. indsola i Corcaduibne ┐ for snam dochuaid innti, 228.22 . mac Odhrain, AU 820.

For association of the name with odor, cf. the follg.: Odran a mMaig Breg . . . eter Odru Temra thuaid, | he sein in fogur dia fail | in tOdor eter Odraib, ZCP viii 266 § 32. `Odra Temrach' or se [sc. Odrán]. `Bi-siu and dano' ol Cormac. Is de ata odor eter odraib, LL 271a6 , 7 (same story), cf. RC xxv 26 § 9 . M. O'Briain, ZCP xiv 325 , suggests that odor < Indog. *udros `watery' passed through the successive meanings ` watery' > `water-animal' (= otter) > otter- coloured , and that the tribe-name Odorraige or Odraige = ` otter-folk ', hence the saying: in t-odur eter odraib = `the otter among otters'. Cf. the epithet snámach in Fél. Oct. 27 quoted above and the note in Comm., which may embody a bit of folk-lore.