2 nin

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n (same word as 1 nin?) part of a weaver's loom; fork, forked branch (see Ériu xxxix 152 ): nin .i. ginol garmna dognither do uindsind .i. isin aimsir sidha togaibter garmna, Auraic. 1174 (i.e. it is made of ash wood and looms are set up only in time of peace). bāg ban .i. nin garmna .i. ginol garmna, 5626 . ninach .i. glacach no crechtach no nin gabul (? leg. nin .i. gabul) .i. ginol .i. glac na gabla Fél.2 lix.y (kenning for the letter n). costud sīde .i. nin garmna .i. ni aurgabar acht a síth, Anecd. iii 43.11 , cf. Auraic. 5543 (also a kenning for n). Cf. also Fél.² lxvi (gl. on Mar. 31 ) and O'Gr. Cat. 91.3.