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Forms: nem, nnem, nem, nem, nim, nim, nime, nimae, neme, nime, nimi, nime, ebad, neamh, nim, nimh, nimhe, nimhe, nimhe, nime, nimib, nime, indithib, indithidib

n s, n. n s. (with art.) a nem , Ml. 42b10 , cf. 22 . a nnem n-airerda, SR 112. in nem n-amra, 120 . a s. nem, Wb. 6c9 , 12c9 . d s. nim, Wb. 15c22 , Ml. 51c29 , 106a3 . Mid.Ir. nim (rarely neim, PH 160 , 420 ). g s. ind nime , Ml. 51c27 . nimae, Thes. ii 254.11 (Stowe Miss.). Mid. Ir. nime (-i). neme, O'Mulc. 830 a. n p. nime, Ml. 45b15 , 126c9 . Thes. ii 1.24 . nimi, SR 194. g p. nime, SR 1810. Given as ex. of neut. (and masc. Auraic. 595-98 , Stud. Hib. xxix 197 n. 5 ) decl., Auraic. 1859 fg .; written with diphth. ebad (ea), 1295 , 4394 . In later lang. fem. (occas. masc.): neamh (d s. don nim núa, don nimh naoi, g s. na nimhe nua, nimhe naoi), IGT Dec. § 206 ; in P the g s. nimhe naoi is said to be correct; pl. forms are proscribed as incorrect.

(a) the sky or physical heaven ; commonly used without art. nem, gl. coelum and coeli, Ir. Gl. 812. ind firm[im]int .i. a nnem adchiam-ni, Ml. 42b22 . ni artu ní nim nothing is higher than heaven, Thes. ii 248.3 . ri dorigne nem noithech . . . ocus talam, SR 13. nem uasaind ┐ talam ísaind, TBC-LL¹ 4752. cuirfither tar cend in nem ┐ talam, PH 3622. tuarcaib G. a ruscu co nem, 1418 . rith fri nemh running skywards (of a hopeless enterprise), IT i 124.18 . ní fil fo nim ní nā dingned there is nothing under heaven (i.e. on earth) he would not do, SCC 42. nochon fuaratar . . . slúag fo nim dia n-ergaire, ZCP viii 218 § 21. ó nim co lár, LL 371b11 . tuag nime a rainbow, Sg. 107b1 . drúcht nimhe, Hackett xlii 53 .

In pl. in imitation of Lat. coeli: inna nime (gl. coeli), Ml. 45b15 , cf. 126c9 . In Mid.Ir. the pl. is freq. used in reference to the seven heavens supposed to encompass (or be superjacent to) the earth: do chur cuarda secht nime, SR 1810. a choimmdiu secht nime!, Fél. Prol. 2 , cf. Ep. 401. is docomail drém na secht nime, FA 15 ( LU 2080 ), cf. PH 8096. conúargabad Pól apstal cosin tres nem, FA 2 , cf. PH 1675. Acc. to SR 105 fg . there are three heavens between the earth and the `firmiment', those of air, ether and `Olimp' (Olympus); in these the planets are contained; beyond them three others extend for an equal distance and last of all is the `riched' or Empyrean. Occas. in wider sense, of sky in general: legtair asna nimib .ix. ngaetha, Ériu ii 112.4 . hi nimib , PH 7824. fa choim na neamh, Studies 1918, 281 § 12 .

(b) heaven, the abode of the blest, common in rel. lit. a nem hitat aingil i n-uachtar, Ml. 42b10 . ropia nem ye shall have heaven, Wb. 22b23 . i llogh a cheirtgnim . . . fuair nem, Fél. 114.19 . is neam a n-iartaige [sic leg.] they win heaven as the result, PH 8423. techt for nem, Wb. 15c22 . for nem . . . ro drebraing, Fél. Aug. 26. dul for neam, LB 110a60 ( MacCarthy 48.28 ) = dul co nem, SR 1095. in anim . . . da breith for nem, ACL iii 216.6 . for nim ocus talmain in heaven, Fél. Ep. 294. bia for neim cen crích, PH 420. dá mbeithea ar neamh na naoi ngrádh, Dán Dé v 32 . for deis Dé athar ind-nim, Hib. Min. 10.324 . i nimh no a ttalmain, ACL iii 309.15 . rí nime, Hy. vi 23. flaithem nime, i 31 . hi flaith nime, Fél. Ep. 196. eter mu[n]tir nime ┐ inna nóemu, FA 5 (i.e. the angels and the spirits of the blest). fer nime a religious or cleric: ni meiccditer fir nime ┐ soscela Crist, Laws iv 210.7 . comlabra fer nime, ACL iii 232.28 . See nemnall. ainm nime ann sin forsin scriptuir the name of heaven is here given to the Scripture, PH 3554. ainm nime for Ierusalem in sin (= Jerusalem is here a name for heaven), 1901 . ? g s. as attrib.: in fer doroega na .lll. as duthain ┐ is nime `the man that chose the thrice fifty [psalms] is transitory and shortlived' (?), Lism. L. ix 30 = is duthain. ┐ nime, LL 283b4 ; perh. is shortlived and is sure of bliss. Cf. nimhidh, Lism. L. 4282 (see neimedach).

(c) a ceiling (only in follg. ex.): nem, gl. laquear, Sg. 97a1 . For the expression nem tened, see ném.

Compds. ? ¤arracht, Acall. 3905 n . = ildelbach of text, epithet of a beautiful girl; `a heavenly image', Stokes, Gloss. ¤grian: oll natha nime nemgrian, ACC 144 ( RC xx 418 ); `of heaven's holy lights', Stokes, taking as g p. ¤iath: do nimiath nél ` heaven-land ', ACC 5 ( RC xx 156 ) = LU 519. ¤indithib d p. gl. horoscopis, Thes. ii 33.28 ; edd. Thes. emend ¤indithidib ` horoscopists '. ¤nél: fo nemnélaib, SR 7462. ¤nuall see nemnall. ¤tech n. freq. name for heaven: rombie-sum dar héisi | nemthech nglēisi nglanóll, Trip. 36.29 = rombia-sum . . . neimtheach, Mart. Don. Apr. 29. ri dorigni nemthech necht, SR 573 , cf. 2745 . Dia . . . ro dealb im niullu nemtheach, IT iii 189 z .