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n ā, f., (mer) madness, frenzy, infatuation, used of ungoverned or reckless passion, conduct, etc., rather than of insanity, often of a temporary state due to excitement or anger, or of martial fury (sometimes in a favourable sense). mór coll ceille, mor mire, Thes. ii 296.8 (Cod. Boern.). eochair mire mellgal, ZCP vi 270 § 4. ro lín dasacht ┐ m.¤ in rig, PH 746. is math[g]amain ar miri, Fianaig. 60.16 . tri meic cen mórmiri, LL 141b38 . Temair . . . cen luathi cen læchmiri `frenzy of heroes', Metr. Dinds. i 10. gabait na heilifaint for miri ┐ dasacht, Marco P. 114. ar mire mad , Deuteronomy xxviii 34. an drong atá ar meire, Psalms cii 8. g s. as attrib.: do Pharaon mire infatuated , Mac Aingil 71.17 . In late lit. often of levity or frivolity, occas. in favourable sense of sprightliness, mirth: ainbhfios mor no mireadh, Luc. Fid. 253.20 . m.¤ ┐ macnas na hanma, TSh. 8723. lán do mhire, do mhenmain, do lúth ` energy ', AFM vi 2234.18 . do bhí im' ruire-se m.¤ ┐ míne, Hackett xxxix 129 ( Keat. Poems 761 ). — In Anecd. i 39.3 : do bí mire a cuirr chíamair, read mise.