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Forms: mibasc, bibasc, m., mimaisc

n o, m., (later ā, f.?), also written mibasc, bibasc (lenited).

(a) part of a spear: manaís bréfech o mimusc co hadairc, LU 5638 = o mimuisc, TBC-I¹ 1159. The `adarc' seems to have been a ferrule or ring of horn round the upper end of the shaft, see Joyce Soc. Hist. i 113 ; the m.¤ may have been a guard-ring below the blade . ? co ndechaid in daiger dibraicthe dar brogad a bibaisci i tulmuing in talman (of a javelin which ultimately lodges in the ground), MR 152.18 . pl. fondaig (.i. carbusa) scailti, nimaisc [leg. mimaisc] derca, calga a cru domblas dond (of results of battle), Anecd. ii 8. miomasc .i. sleagh, O'Cl.

(b) in Laws apparently a fastening or security of some sort; a bolt or staple ? im chinaid do mimaisc [sic MS.] `thy bad place of security', Laws i 184.11 , glossed .i. do comla .i. a mberar for do dorus amach, 188.26 . aithne conae cain mimaisc `a deposit that a good bolt protects', v 196.4 (`ein Depositum das die Regelung des Verschlusses schützt', Thurneysen, ZCP xv 352 § 41 , i.e. a deposit kept in a well-secured place); glossed .i. aithne coimeta ar cul meth dobeir miasc [= mi-ḟasc?] . . . ar cul na comlad .i. glas, ib. 16 ; cf. the parallel passage H 3.18 p. 382b ( O'Curry 837 ): cain immaisc [leg. mimaisc] .i. glaiss .i. in coiméd conidnoi in glas (a staple ?). m.¤ .i. drochfasc . . . bidh doigh coma[d] ainm do trost comla é (i.e. a bolt), O'Dav. 1227 (the first definition is an etym. gloss suggested by the prefix mí-). It is perhaps worth noting that comla `door-valve' is also used of part of a spear, see Contribb. s.v. comla . Cf. also mimasclach.

(c) in prosody, name of a metre: mibhasc, IT iii 12 § 20. desmireacht ar [m]imaísc, 29 § 69 . lethmíbasc, 49 § 89 . m.¤ .i. . . . nath, O'Dav. 1227. Meyer, Meyer Prim. 24.