1 míanach

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adj o,a. (1 mían) desirous, eager, wishful: m.¤ cech guidech, ACL iii 229.101 . m.¤ gach baoth lustful , Corm. Y 875 , cf. Ériu ix 47 § 20. ba miannach a aiscena he longed for sight of her, Metr. Dinds. iv 326. fon ait ina m.¤ re nech beth the place where one likes to abide, Laws i 298.14 Comm. Transf. an object of desire: m.¤ cach aín `a thing which every one desires' (?) (i.e. salt), i 142.11 Comm. (leg. m.¤ cach án?). As n.pr. m., Mart. Don. Apr. 23 , July 18 .