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Last Revised: 2019

Forms: mesraigthe, mesraighe

adj io, iā. (part. of mesraigid) moderated, tempered , and as adj. moderate, temperate, well-regulated: corub m.¤ dau fulach a fercae that the endurance . . . might be moderated to him, Ml. 32d4 . digal neph-m.¤ , 22c13 . mesraigthe, gl. modestus, Sg. 60b2 . is m.¤ a thess ┐ a uacht, LL 12a22 . ni molathar som in troscud, is ferr lais ind fit mesraigti, Mon. Tall. § 68. praind mesraigti, Ériu vii 138 (e) . aíne mesraigthi, PH 8394. As adv.: ni m.¤ adfiadat techtaire ar scela-ni not without exaggeration, Alex. 830. Of the temperate zones: in criss tessaigthe . . . eter na dā mesraigthe, SR 160. cóic cressa . . . dā úarda . . . dā m.¤ , LL 135a31 . Laws i 28.21 Comm. MR 112.17 . Hence as subst. io, m. a temperate zone: mesraighthi (measrochadh, v.l.) a fuilti-si féin 'the temperate (zone) in which you yourselves are', TBith.² 176 § 66 . isin mesraighthi descertach, CCath. 729. do ḟis in mesraighthi deiscertaigh, 40 (v.l. mesraighe in both exx.).