3 meile

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Forms: mele, meile, meile

n [io, m.] a horse, nag? mele .i. capall, H. 3.18 p. 72 ( O'C. 113 ). meile .i. capull, p. 636a ( O'C. 1414 ); .i. gearrán, p. 651 ( O'C. 1465 ). n p. meili gl. mutina ÉC xi 123 (Paris Latin 10290 34 b 26) .

Possibly in the follg. exx., where, however, the meaning quern would also be appropriate: ran-írus[s]a im deich meile, BDD 28 ( querns , Stokes, corrected to nags in Gloss., steeds BDD² gloss. ). ro ir dom .x. moga, ro ir dom .x. mile (.i. ger- rain), Ériu ii 4.12 (text and gl. from H. 3.18; meli YBL, meile, Eg). The gloss seems confined to H. 3.18; if not the true meaning, it may have arisen from a misunderstanding of the phrase: dá n-ó mele (see IT i 73.1 quoted under méla), or of the gloss: bell mele, Corm. Y 167 (see 1 meile), bell being taken as = pell horse ( ib. 244 ); cf. the proverbial saying: dá ó phill ar Labhraidh, Keat. ii 2697 , iv p. 339 - 40 . Cf. follg. and melene.