2 mart

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Forms: mairt

n o, m., IGT Dec. § 96. A deriv. from Lat. mortuus? see Pedersen Vgl. Gr. i 195 ; or perhaps same word as 1 mart = `dead body, corpse', hence in restricted sense an ox or cow slaughtered for meat, an ox- (cow-) carcass, and by extension a living ox or cow . mas e in mil bec ro marbadh . . . m.¤ in mil bic d'fir in mil moir (of two bulls belonging to different owners which have attacked each other), Laws iii 234.8 . lethmairt in mil bic, ib. 10 . Cf. beo in mil bic, ib. 13 . ar carna mairt . . . ar tinde muici `the beef of a cow', 328.20 . dā ba marta, v 110.21 Comm. = na dā mart, 30 . mad radrachus is mes mairt fuirre (i.e. if a cow has `radrachus' it is estimated merely as so much meat), H 3.18 p. 314 ( O'Curry 651 ). rucad in Dond Cualnge . . . dochum longphoirt amail as dech berair m.¤ [dochum] longphoirt, TBC-LL¹ 2041. m.¤ gacha fichet do breith leó (of slaughtered cattle), Cog. 210.23 . a mairt gemre[i]d . . . do c[h]aithem `their winter-beef', BColm. 64. bó i ngach baile, m.¤ as gach creich (a tribute), BNnÉ 265 § 230. .xx. mart do feoil, BB 14b3 . ceáthramhadh mhairt a quarter of beef, Oss. iv 216. mairt (= carnes bovinae), Rosa Angl. 206.1 . The follg. exx. seem used of the living animal: co tarat L. fēr tri n-ogmart cach liss dó, LL 28b55 . ar mbreith . . . a n-almha et a n-indile a mbart et a mbuar, TBC-LL¹ p. 653 n. 8 (St.). ingheiltfid an m.¤ ┐ an bheithir the cow and the bear, Isaiah xi 7 .

Compds. mart-ḟeoil beef: gan mairtfheoil . . . ré n-a dáil ar an bhfleidh, Keat. iii 1053. blas mairtfheola, Eochairsg. 34.29 .