3 mám

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Forms: Mám

n (orig. same word as 1 mám?) a hill or eminence; a mountain gap or pass . mam .i. tulach nosliabh, O'Cl. inglacaib in glennai ┐ i mmamannaip na tulach, CCath. 3076 , cf. 4343 (the form seems due to confusion with 2 mám; perh. a deliberate play on words, suggested by `glac'). In n.l.: mám an ghair; m.¤ da glas, Hog. Onom. (both of passes); cf. mod. Mám (anglice Maam) in Co. Galway, and Mám Treasna. Glenn Mámma, Hog. Onom. ; co Glend Mama, Cog. 110.9 . Compd.: mamtulc[h]a Sleibi Ois ` hill-passes ', CCath. 4764.