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Forms: magan, magan, maghan, maghain, maigin, maigen, magni, maigne, magen, Maighne

n ā, f. ( Bechbretha, 143 ). In O.Ir. sometimes with non-palatal: n s. magan, K. and H. § 13 , cf. rex Mugdhorne magan , AU 801 ; o Domnuch maghan , 831 . maghain (a s.), ZCP viii 197 § 5.

(a) a piece of open land; a spot, place in the widest sense: in magen i ndéntar in filliud the place [in the word ] where the flexion is made, Thes. ii 230 ( PCr. 66a1 ). maigen nā áigder rindi a place wherein thou fearest not spear-points, 294.15 ( SP iii 3 ). as in magin i mbatar from the place where they were, Ml. 55c2 . co ranic in magin in ro artraig in ceo, FB 39. adropart si dó ind maigin i mbui, Mon. Tall. § 19. forancatar . . . magen ita in Sabull indiu, Lat. Lives 16 = maigin, Trip. 230.23 . i maigin na roe at the place of combat, Laws i 250.18 . no betís fir hErend i n-óenmagin, BDD 138. im beith dā oidchi i n-oenmaidin, ACL iii 3.24 . ar tteclamadh . . . seinleabhar nEreann co haonmaighin, AFM 438. gibé maighin a coimhreígdís fri araile wherever they should meet, Cóir Anm. 54. ni pa me, ol cach asa magin from his place, TBC-I¹ 2141 = TBC-LL¹ 1579. a maigen toltanaiges do diabul! place pleasing to the devil (of the body), PH 8224. fornocht do dún, a Druim nDen, | lomnocht do múr, do magen `thy site', Metr. Dinds. iii 96. Heriu ard inis na rríg | magen molbthach na morgnim, LL 127a1 ( MacCarthy 142 ). aurland Temrach .i. maigen i mbátar secht radairc for cech leath, Ériu iv 124.3 . (as quasi-adv.) is toirthech éisc acht maigen a tiagat na gla[issi] indi except where the streams enter it, Trip. 210.7 . g s. clæmchlód magni change of place, TBC-I¹ 1370. bretha bairr ┐ maigne `judgements concerning tree-top and field' (i.e. places to which bees migrate), Laws iv 188.8 . pl. atait secht maigne na fechar re seven places in which battles are not fought, v 302.31 . cia do náemaib Lagen | fedaib maigib magen `in woods, in plains of places' (? a place with woods and plains, magen being in loose apposition to Lagen), RC xiii 100 § 129 ( LL 305b5 ).

Folld. by gen. of pers. a place belonging to (some one), stead, home: Mide magen clainne Cuind, LL 184b20 ( Arch. Hib. ii 82 § 1 ). os mur maigni meic Alprainn (= over Patrick's stead, i.e. Armagh?), SR 2364 (but see maigne). Columb Cille . . . doréd midhnocht maighne Erca (= penetrates the dense night of Ireland), ZCP viii 197 § 11.

Of passages in a book: mad forcenn libuir nach magen i mbeth āmen indib, Ml. 2d1 . magen hi tait for aisndis do deacht where he enters on the explanation, 24d30 ; cf. 27c10 , Sg. 30b12 . ni forcenn libuir nach maigen i mbi fiat, Hib. Min. 2.51 . In fig. sense: rainig maighin athar Airt he succeeded to the place of A.'s father, Gleanings from Irish manuscripts 30 § 10.

di maigin on the spot i.e. immediately: taulbretha . . . .i. na bret[h]a can smuan .i. di m.¤ extempore, Laws i 156.13 Comm. berair breuth di m.¤ , Anecd. iii 23.20 . doírchios . . . do thabhairt uatha do maighin (.i. do lathair), Leb. Gab.(i) i 78. rob erdalta lais a mharbhadh do maighin, Hugh Roe fo. 27b . Cf. O'Dav. 1256 : maighin .i. fochetoir ut est: manis-nais naill maighne . . . .i. madh naill dligtech fonais fochetoir.

i maigin (with gen.) in place of, instead of: atconnairc deilb noidhen in maighin croiche Crist, RC x 184.19 .

(b) m.¤ dígona, in Laws, a technical term denoting a space measured round the residence of a chief or other dignitary, varying in extent acc. to his rank, within which he had certain unassailable rights; transld. `inviolable precinct' or `sanctuary'. in gach n-aoein maighin dighona, ii 26.7 Comm. sechtar maigin `outside the precinct', iii 118.7 . Maighne ` Precincts ' is title of a law-treatise dealing with the subject ( iv 226 ). mile cém[enn] maigin digona naím-espuic, H 3.17 c. 647 ( O'D. 906 ). fiach maigne a fine (for some kind of assault?), Laws iii 466.9 , 13 , 24 . masa giunnadh gan lommadh ┐ mas ar daighin fogla fri corp darigneadh, is fiach maighne in chuirp, Rawl. B 506 fo. 36c ( O'D. 2335 ). f. m.¤ in ḟuilt, ib. f. m.¤ no imraide na cneidhe, fo. 38c ( O'D. 2344 ).

(c) fig. of a person: Cet mac Matach. magen curad, IT i 104.3 . Lorcán Laighen . . . maighen céd cloth the centre of a hundred panegyrics, AFM 941 (poem) = Bruchst. i § 123 . tri maic Con Corb . . . it he sin, sochla magen, soīr Lagen, Ält. Ir. Dicht. ii 28.4 ( Rawl. 119a1 ). Freq. in n.l., see Hog. Onom. s.v. maigen.