iphín, ifín

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Forms: i., iphin, ifin, ifinidhe

n m.

(a) name of a tree with edible berries, a gooseberry bush ? : int ipin, Auraic. 4863. ipin .i. spinan no spin. ut dicitur millsim fedha pin .i. caor, 4304 . amram blais .i. pin no ifin, 5666 . de atbertar caera pinne ifin dano secundum alios ainm in feda sin, BB 309a48 .

? long brab iffin, Auraic. 3465.

(b) name of the diphthong io in the Ogham alphabet, any diphthong beginning with i, the vowel i when medial : cidh ini is ipin and (?) .i. guthaige inna comaccomal frisna guthoighibh oile, Auraic. 4857. fer didiu, ebadh a fiod, idedh no iphin ina reim no ina tsealpad ... ipin ina togartaid ┐ ina foxlaid, 4854 - 6 . dichongbail and, io no iphin a fidh ina remim no ina shealbhadh intan asberar fir .i. ar bit in dis ina reim, io and amal ata fir, iphin and amal ata do fir ... iphin amal ata o fhir `two constituents are in it, io or iphin, its Ogham vowel, in its declension or in its possessive ...,' 1535 - 8 . isna filltib as io no iphin bhis intib in gach baile nach mairend [in fhidh bis isin ainmnid] `in the inflections it is io or iphin that stands in them in every place where ...,' 1541 . mind, iphin and. Min immorro, beg, iphin and, 4395 - 6 . iphin is ar h-i fo meodontacht [atā], 1369 . ipin .i. i budein, 4421 . ... ┐ tiar ┐ miad ifin a feda uile, LL 38b19 . iphin ar defoghur ata i.¤ stands for a diphthong, Auraic. 1363. na cúig ifíne, IGT Decl. 5.y . iphin or ifin `the name of those diphthongs that begin with the letter i: also a hyphen,' P. O'C. ifinidhe diphthongs and triphthongs beginning with the letter i , O'R.