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n [o, m.] (? compd. of ing + gille q.v., cf. ing-iarraith) a part-pledge, an article which to some extent falls short of the value of the object for which it is given in pledge (opp. to lán-gille) : in-gille cressa cach rig do-sli .u. seotu la aithgin `the part-pledge of the girdle of every king is entitled to five `seds' with compensation,' Laws v 416.11 . in-gille otha leth n-un[ge] corruicce unge ; lan-gille otha suide, ib. 17 (glossed : .i. ni tobartha son a ngill, gin nib lan-gille `this is a thing given in pledge, without its being a full pledge,' ib. y Comm. and : .i. in gell a hindi leth n-uinge, ib. 19 Comm. ).