2 gort

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n o, m.

(a) ivy: gort dono .i. edeand. Glaisiu geltaibh gort ivy is greener than pastures, Auraic. 1187 .

(b) fir (?): gort .i. gius, Auraic. 5521.

(c) the name of the letter `g': cech baile i mbiadh nion re ngort is ngetol sgribthar and wherever `n' comes before `g' `ng' is written, Auraic. 2896 . g.¤ cetus ar g.¤ ndiuit ata, 2898 . bogad guirt, magh, 4328 . do duir ┐ do gourt, 4324 . sealbhadh cuill i ngort geal glan ... sealbhadh guirt i ngéadar nglan 'the sealbhadh of c into bright, pure g ... the sealbhadh of g becomes clear ng', Éigse xxxvi 39 §§ 5, 6 .