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n (gobard) (of horses) star-gazing (?): do galur cind na n-ech … gobairde Celtica ii 32 § 2 , cf. 44 § 2 . don gobairde .i. cuir sroinin oile ar a’ srian a mbíaidh móran do deilgnib, ┐ is maith belmach ramar do beith sa srian. ┐ is maith marcaigacht aidhche doib oi[r] do bed orra beith crom do tsír tri faitches in tsiubail aidhche 'concerning star-gazing [lit. 'highness of the muzzle’]. Put another nosepiece on the bridle in which there is a large number of spikes, and it is good to have a thick bit on the bridle. Exercise by night is good for them, for they would have to be bent continuously owing to fear of travelling by night’' 34 § 7 , cf. 46 § 7 .