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Forms: forfid, forfedaib

n i, m. additional (?) letter (see fid, sect. d), name for an Ogham character (see s.v. ogum, (ogom), sects. a, c) representing a `défogur' or double vowel (whether diphthong proper or orthographic device to represent a different sound of an ordinary vowel, e.g. -ea- in `neam' heaven, Auraic. 1340 ); distinguished from `fid airegda' = principal (single) vowel and `taebomna' = consonant. In ordinary Ogham there were five `forfeda': ea oi ui io ae, forming an `aicme' or group; there were however other letters called `forfeda' in some of the more cryptic and fanciful species of Ogham ( Auraic. 6112 - 6125 ). feda ┐ forfedha ┐ taebomna, Auraic. 426 . nem ... in fid aire[g]da fil and ... ┐ is buigi in forfhid .i. neam, Auraic. 1342 . g p. do duilib feda na forfid , 5417 (= na fored, LL 38b7 ). uird na forfed, LL 38b11 ( Auraic. 5423 ). d p. forfedaib, Auraic. 5457 . éubhadh, óir, uilleann, ifín, amarchall, ag sin aicme na bfhoirfheadh, IGT, Introd. § 4 , § 12 (cf. cáoladh ceirt .a. ag dul a n-amharchall áidh mur so: lámh: don láimh [see emoncholl], cáoladh ceirt .o. ag dul a n-óir, § 14 ).